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  1. Thomas-scripter

    MTA Freezes

    Hello community today I bought a new computer i5 3.40 GHz 8 GB of Ram Video Card Nvidia Geforce GT 720 Windows 8.1, but when i installed mta:sa and joined it was perfect but when i join in servers every 10-20 seconds My mta freezes for like 2-3 seconds which is annoying and impossible to play because I play Race [DM] and I will fail if that happens , so I want to know what solution you all can give me because I cant play mtasa with this Freeze/Lags , My fps aren't bad because they always are in the maximum. If you can help me Thanks , sorry if this is not the correct section.
  2. the real person that made this script Check out This PAge http://andersonlemus29.wix.com/buyscripts
  3. add me skype thomaspro76 or give me your skype
  4. Hey Guys Do you have a Script That when you enter to a server you need to choose like You want Play [DM] Or DD Or Fun ? i Will Give you Money For That Skype : thomaspro76
  5. Hey Guys Do You Need Scripts Well I Make A Gift For My Friend I create a Web in that page We Are Selling Scripts And Giving Free Scripts I Hope You Like it. You Can Also Ask For Scripts And We Gonna Make Scripts For You Dont Forget To Share the Page Best Regards - Thomas and Anon Visit Us http://andersonlemus29.wix.com/buyscripts
  6. Well i Dont Have a Proof But I Pay Money For that
  7. no i buy them thats why im selling this Server ^^
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