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  1. It is (or was?) possible with the Sandboxie-Software, I did it once. It was a long time ago (MTA:SA 1.3) and I am uncertain if it still works, but here is how I remember doing it: 1.: Start MTA:SA in a sandbox. 2.: MTA should spurt out an error about fonts. Copy all the fonts from MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\cgui into (I think) C:\Sandboxie\C\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\cgui 3.: After doing this, you can launch MTA two times. I think you need to start the first copy without sandboxie, and the second one with. I could be wrong tho. Or if you have 200$ laying around, get y
  2. Many thanks, Olle -- I am currently working on a youtube implementation and an option for players with slow connection to turn any streaming off. I also want to add show that the title of the current song/stream shows above the radio. So "stay tuned" ;p
  3. "admens" never gets set (Aka, it returns nothing.).
  4. I finished the resource, you can find the download link in the main-post! Have fun!
  5. Oh, that speedometer isn't mine. It was created by Sam@ke; you can find it here!
  6. Your model probably has too many polygons (or your GPU has like NO VRAM left for the textures). You'd have to hop into a 3D-Modeler and reduce the number of polygons by using some downscaling method. Not sure on how to do this, but I bet there's some tutorials on the net for that. I'd recommend that you use "low-poly" car mods, those won't slow down the game as much.
  7. Hello forums! :3 When looking through the radio resources on the community site, I couldn't find a proper resource for placing radios; some resources have weird features, others eat all the traffic, etc.. So I have decided on making the perfect placeable radio resource It takes streams and audio-files (youtube support is planned). It can be placed on the ground and on a vehicle. And when the player places another radio (or leaves the server), the old one gets deleted: To place a radio, use "/radio"
  8. Okay, I will try again. EDIT: *giant facepalm* I had a "if" event there that broke everything. Thanks everyone, sorry for wasting your time
  9. Hello people I've been trying to reset account data for a system I wrote to save the player's weapons, however; I can not find a way to delete account data that I've set. I've tried setAccountData(acc,"key",false) and setAccountData(acc,"key",nil), but nothing seems to work I get no errors and the the account that I used exists. Any help?
  10. Well I had to fiddle abit till it got applied, but then it worked It helps alot, many thanks
  11. @iAxel: As far as I know, it's planned to release as a download. However, the creator hasn't been online for the last couple of months, so I don't know if it's ever gonna happen. We just have to be patient.
  12. Alright, after going "I'll finish it tomorrow..." for the past weeks, I finally finished the new version of IVE-Handling! It has improved in many ways, take a look: Check it out on the community!
  13. It indeed does help, however the fov is still too low. The FOV is much better with the singleplayer widescreen fix.
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