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  1. My map is not in normal world its in interior 10. So how can i define interior in meta file, so player spawn in my desire interior, not in normal world.
  2. harsh1994

    Need help...

    I want help. I made map in interior RC zero's battlefield but when ever i start map there is no object and i fall from the sky. I short how to set interior in map meta files. So that map every time start with a specific interior.
  3. If u are free make some scripts for me. Make a gamemode like Call of duty Modern Warfare 3.
  4. One thing i never get such msg although i dunno play this serve very much. But yes there are rule Deathmatch and once i was also caught by admin. And ofc if u go for catching wanted player then his criminal friends will protect him from u. U can't complain server with such abuse. They will only say if u want to play then play otherwise leave.
  5. Its great work. Your gui's and design all done very well. I would surely play but i am not a racer. People who love racing will surely join your server.
  6. U can create roleplay but without scripter its time taking.
  7. U can use some of the interior part of lv police station to make it.
  8. Call Of Duty 2 is back after it short break and its host and author is Bmat as earlier. IP of the server is :- Forum :- http://cod2mod.bmat.pl/ The server is based on deathmatching. Its sub mod are 1) TDM 2) CTF 3) S&D So please take a look to our server. As we have hosted it currently we need more and more player.
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