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  1. hachti bresource hetha ta3mlou mziya t7otou lien mte3ou
  2. wa7na nchoukou eli eli enti miboun fi termtek
  3. famech chkoun 3andou fekra 3al hosting ? mela 7achwa blé paypal fi tounes
  4. Brunoo

    SQL help :/

    i wonder how to remove tables
  5. well i just want to know how to use the parameters of that event function playerSpawn (posX, posY, posZ, spawnRotation, theTeam, theSkin, theInterior, theDimension) if (posX == -2655.1 and posY == 639.46 and posZ == 14.454) then playSoundFrontEnd ( source, 16 ) end addEventHandler("onPlayerSpawn", root, playerSpawn) this dosn't work ,what i need is that the sound will be played only if the player spawns at those coordinates -2655.1,639.46,14.454 and if he spawn in any an other position he dosn't get the sound so i'm able to do it with this event?
  6. sayé. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/OnPlayerSpawn kifeh nesta3mel lparameters fel exemple kol mjoueur yspawni ijih sout function player_Spawn ( posX, posY, posZ, spawnRotation, theTeam, theSkin, theInterior, theDimension ) -- play a frontend sound for him playSoundFrontEnd ( source, 16 ) end -- add the player_Spawn function as a handler for onPlayerSpawn addEventHandler ( "onPlayerSpawn", getRootElement(), player_Spawn ) eni n7ebha ken par ex ken ki yespawni lhné -2655.1,639.46,14.454
  7. Brunoo


    i think u want to restrict a skin for the players in staff steam if so there is no need to use server side since those functions can be used in client
  8. pfff akther haja nfed menha houma hethom blehi a3tini skype mte3k
  9. louled anehi ahsen haja nesta3melha bech nsavi owners mta3 turfs xml ?
  10. belehi louled chkoun ynajem y3awni fi script mahrous mta3 hospital function onPlayerWasted(totalAmmo, killer, killerWeapon, bodypart, stealth) if not(isGuestAccount(getPlayerAccount(source))) then local theWeapon = getPedWeapon (source) local weaponAmmo = getPedTotalAmmo (source) fadeCamera (source, false) setTimer (spawnPlayer, 5000, 1, source, 1177.6804199219, -1323.6899951172, 14.082660675049, 0, getPedSkin (source), 0, 0, getPlayerTeam(source)) setTimer (setCameraTarget, 5000, 1, source, source) setTimer (fadeCamera, 2000, 1, source, true) setTimer(giveWeapon, 5000, 1, source,
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