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  1. I am personally voting for Grafu due to his perfect lithuanian, because there are not many people in Lithuania, especially in MTA community, who are pro in lithuanian grammar. If you need second moderator, you can pick me
  2. Sveiki visi! Manau visi supranta angliskai ir gales susipazint su musu serveriu Are you freeroamers and looking for a good server to spend time on? Then we have a good new for you! Grafuroam is a perfect place to play for those, who like doing parties, making races, fighting for goodness against badasses! You would like to ask, what we have to offer? That's a nice question, but it's not hard to answer. We offer you a quality stuff like: -Adjusted GTA physics -Custom vehicle, ped skin, weapon models -4 chats to chat your friends -Adjusted freeroam panel with many mistakes fixed -A music player -3D vehicle radio -Custom zones -Custom vehicle tuning parts, configured upgrades for every vehicle, vehicle control interface -Custom server graphics with the possibility to disable them -Party places -New walking styles with the ability to change them using freeroam panel -Stunting, skills systems -A nice looking scoreboard -Freshly made HUD and nametags -Compressed map download and even a possibility to access most of the server stuff without fully downloading the files. -And much more You can find us on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/grafuroam Grafuroam IP address: mtasa:// We accept any ideas and any constructive criticism, so if you have any questions, don't hestitate to contact us on the server or via facebook fan page.