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  1. a melhor maneira de fazer isso é através da criação de um script php I do not know if I understand right what you say
  2. I was having the same problem. local objects = {{}, {"object",id="object(vgn_corpbuild3)(1)",doublesided="false",model="6873",interior="0",dimension="0",posX="2015.6341552734",posY="-4775.201171875",posZ="24.309450149536",rotX="270",rotY="180",rotZ="180"}} understand the logic logic. local object = createObject() if objects[2] == "true" then setElementDoubleSided(object,true) end do not use in all objects setElementDoubleSided(object,true) use only what is true doublesided="true" if objects[2] == "true" then
  3. Anony#

    Server Load

    https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Re ... ncebrowser check for possible leaks. you use quality hosting or a local server?
  4. Anony#

    Server Load

    you need to create your own download manager .. (so you can create a tree to be downloaded from the way you like) obs. have other ways to do this however I believe that a download manager is the best one.
  5. these scripts were released. has no problem with being sold.
  6. if not have admin rights can not create accounts.
  7. you want to create a column with the names?
  8. learn moon scripting. Here is a good tutorial http://www.lua.org/doc/wjogos04.pdf
  9. Anony#


    I think you need to use dbFree
  10. try this. g_me = getLocalPlayer() function bolt() vehicles = getPedOccupiedVehicle (localPlayer) setElementData(localPlayer,"vehic",vehicles) aoi = getElementData(localPlayer,"vehic") outputChatBox(aoi) end setTimer(bolt,500,-1) function kill(thePlayer, vehicles) setElementDimension(aoi, 5) triggerServerEvent('onRequestKillPlayer', g_me) end addCommandHandler('kill',kill) addCommandHandler('Commit suicide',kill) bindKey ( next(getBoundKeys"enter_exit"), "down", "Commit suicide") server addEvent('onRequestKillPlayer', true) addEventHandler('onRequestKill
  11. try this. root = 0; addEventHandler ( "onClientRender", getRootElement(),function() root = root+5; outputDebugString(root) dxDrawImage ( 500, 500, 99, 100, "imgname.jpg" , root, 0, 0, tocolor(155,155,155,155), true); end)
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