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  1. @ line 23 change it to 'if #alivePlayers == 1 then'. If the script continues to fail check if it says something at 'debugscript 3'
  2. I haven't really looked into the default script but all you have to do is to modify the function DestructionDerby:handleFinishActivePlayer(player) with what i wrote, i think thats the way to go. Whenever a player dies or leaves the server that function will be triggered.
  3. pNine


    Okay thank you : D
  4. create an object with createObject () create a collision shape or marker and 'onClientMarkerHit' make it move to a position by using moveObject () and with 'onClientMarkerLeave' make it move to the starting position by using the same function. (You can also make it server side)
  5. It seems like theres already an account with that name, so it returns a boolean at line 6.
  6. pNine


    You are right! What triggers the transfer box is the loadMapData. Is there any other function to do such thing, instead of getting all the nodes and its childs ?
  7. Try to check the map name when 'alivePlayers == 1': local resource = exports["mapmanager"]:getRunningGamemodeMap( ) local mapName = getResourceInfo ( resource, "name" ) if string.find ( mapName, "[DD]" ) then -- do whatever it is supposed to do else if getElementModel (getPedOccupiedVehicle ( alivePlayers[1] )) == 425 then -- its not a DD and the alive player has a hunter -- do whatever it is supposed to do else -- do not end the map and show the winner message end end
  8. You can also save it on a xml file...
  9. pNine


    Ye but if i use xmlLoadFile it will trigger the transfer box.. and the whole point is avoiding that. Any thoughts ?
  10. You mean the 'shooter' mode in 'race' or ? if so then you can create the rocket by using the function 'createProjectile'
  11. pNine


    Hi guys i've been working in something and basically what im trying to do is make a new 'tranfer box' aka 'download box', therefore i have to make my own download manager. But i'm having some troubles with this, first i tried loading the map with the xmlLoadFile function but that also triggers the download box, so i moved on to fileOpen. local mapElement = createElement ( "map" ) local mapMeta = xmlLoadFile ( ":"..getResourceName(map).."/meta.xml" ) -- getting the map's meta in order to get its src local mapChild = xmlFindChild ( mapMeta, "map", 0 ) local mapSrc = xmlNodeGetAt
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