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  1. Thank you for the positive feed back Feel free to contact us! Skype: fibre.optic Email: fibreoptichosting@gmail.com Thanks!
  2. Special Offer! Get a 64 slot server 50% off your first month! Contact us now! Offer lasts 2 days only! Contact us via: Skype: fibre.optic Email: fibreopticgamehosting@gmail.com Thanks!
  3. No, not yet! There is now a sale on! get 50% of your first month with Fibre Optic! Contact us! Skype: fibre.optic Email: Fibreopticgamehosting@gmail.com
  4. We now offer even cheaper prices! It's the cheapest host you will find! Look at our examples! 32 slots = £2 a month 64 slots = £3 a month 100 slots = £4 a month! 200 slots = £6 a month! We offer custom plans of course just contact us for more information! You won't find cheaper we guarantee it! Contact us via skype!: fibre.optic or via email fibreopticgamehosting@gmail.com
  5. You may be intrested in FireOpticHosting we offer 0.06GBP per slot meaning you can get a 15 slot server for £1.05 and a 32 for 2.50!
  6. We would like to remind you can buy a server for any amount of slots you want, and the more slots you buy the less money it costs for example 200 slots cost £10 and 100 costs £6 and 1000 slots cost £15, Just contact us if you need more info! Price Update! We now offer a new plan, double servers! If your in need of more than one server then we are the host for you! We offer up to 50% off if you buy 2 servers with us for example: Buying 2 servers with both 100 slots? That will cost you £8! Or Buying 2 servers with 50 slots? That will cost you £5!
  7. Well if your looking for hosting you should try out FibreOpticGameHosting! It's one of the most reliable and easy to setup hosters on MTA! For more info look at our post! http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... 1a17538fbb Thanks!
  8. SALE! 25% Off any purchase! If you buy a server in the next 2 days! Happy Shopping! Contact us via Forum PM Skype: fibre.optic Email: fibreopticgamehosting@gmail.com
  9. Hello MTA Community! About us I'm here to bring you a delight, FibreOpticGameHosting! We host game servers at cheap prices making starting a server a fun and easy task instead of it being stressful. We are a small business and have great ambitions to help all types of communities. We specialise in Multi Theft Auto and we offer free help with setting up your server for example adding yourself as admin or where to put your scripts. We offer free basic lua support where needed through many ways of contacting us. Security is one of our number one priorities for you so we give you a number of
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