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  1. thnx cody gonna give it a try thnx man
  2. well no one looks like to know how...... then can someone mayby help me with something else? i have maded a track in 3ds max. now i am wondering how to split the track in pieces to convert it to gta sa cuz in one piece its probably to big here is a picture of the map i know the track dosnt look like anything but idc i am just trying out and trying to figure out how to nicely model on 3ds max
  3. localhost is good and free or ye depends on your pc and internet speed
  4. Hello i need some help with 3ds max kams script when i try to import ipl to 3ds with kams script trough map io i get this ^That arent the models that are in the dff path or in the ipl or ide please can someone help me?
  5. CodyJ(L) 197 Replied: March 7 · Report If you want a really good map check out Gostown 6, or even this (Graphics lack though) Quote spoty 1 Replied: March 7 · Report yeah i saw that you was busy with ghostown 6 i realy love it never played on it or seen in any server would love to have it would you like to share it with me? else i can convert it somehow Quote CodyJ(L) 197 Replied: March 7 · Report I'm busy with Gostown Paradise I combo of 5,6 and VC. Also I'll be posting it with VC, LC and that map pictured above this week end Do you understand mayby now ? Orbis cody palnning on to do something wlse dind saw server jet he releashed server when inwas at work i am almost done eith work
  6. Its gta 3 gta vc ghostown 5 and 6 and another one
  7. ........ nope its name of the server He kinda asked for map names
  8. Ghostown v5 and v6 and lc and vice city Mayby another one
  9. nice work but that effect is just..... i would reomend to let the circle move from big to smal slowly
  10. Awesome job cody I should add a tunnel between vc and ghostown would look nice i gues I love the progress you doing an awesome job man keep it up
  11. non-convertible

    Wasnt it setPedClothes inplace of addPedClothes
  12. @HunT thanks alot iam going to watch it and try if it works by the way tha last vid convertion from arma to gtasa its some kind of way to convers from any game ( dind saw vid yet )
  13. Id like to buy them and just look at script to see how 99.9% its been made by comunity
  14. I am confused right now are you selling or do you wanne buy ??? Cuz topic post says selling and in topic you say i'd like to buy