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  1. dpUI folder is missing from Wherry Game Mode useless without it
  2. thnx cody gonna give it a try thnx man
  3. well no one looks like to know how...... then can someone mayby help me with something else? i have maded a track in 3ds max. now i am wondering how to split the track in pieces to convert it to gta sa cuz in one piece its probably to big here is a picture of the map i know the track dosnt look like anything but idc i am just trying out and trying to figure out how to nicely model on 3ds max
  4. spoty

    free host

    localhost is good and free or ye depends on your pc and internet speed
  5. Hello i need some help with 3ds max kams script when i try to import ipl to 3ds with kams script trough map io i get this ^That arent the models that are in the dff path or in the ipl or ide please can someone help me?
  6. nice work but that effect is just..... i would reomend to let the circle move from big to smal slowly
  7. Wasnt it setPedClothes inplace of addPedClothes
  8. spoty

    [HELP]3ds max 2010

    @HunT thanks alot iam going to watch it and try if it works by the way tha last vid convertion from arma to gtasa its some kind of way to convers from any game ( dind saw vid yet )
  9. nice topic realy usefull tips
  10. i realy hope this will be a new feature for mta sa so we finaly can make nice costum maps without the low LOD and stuff very usefull for non pro mapper/scripter cant wait to see this in mta it will solve alot of problems
  11. spoty

    [HELP]3ds max 2010

    already trying but still dind find anything that actually worked
  12. hello i am a newbie with 3ds max i am trying to export a 3d text to .dff i use kams script and 50p's map script i cant figure out how to export it can someone mayby give me a good tutorial on how to model correctly on 3ds max and on how to make a collison for it
  13. spoty

    Help me

    [2017-03-06 20:15:09] ERROR: Error parsing banlist [2017-03-06 20:15:14] MODULE: Loaded "MySQL 5.0 database module" (0.50) by "Alberto Alonso <rydencillo@gmail.com>" [2017-03-06 20:15:14] Starting resources... [2017-03-06 20:15:14] INFO: --! Выполняется подключение к базе данных !-- [2017-03-06 20:15:14] INFO: Хост: [2017-03-06 20:15:14] INFO: База данных: server [2017-03-06 20:15:14] INFO: Пользователь: root [2017-03-06 20:15:14] INFO: Пароль: *********** [2017-03-06 20:15:14] INFO: Порт MYSQL: 3306 [2017-03-06 20:15:14] INFO: --! Ожидаем ответ от подключения: [2017-03-06 20:
  14. because gta iv or v have newer and better drift maps on gta sa they are all old and outdated and stuff like that
  15. spoty

    low fps in mta

    try 7 Ways to fix
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