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  1. ***UPDATE*** Im seeing it now. I renamed the main folder and then realized the html stuff is prolly calling to that as well. left it as you had it and i got the Dev Tools still as well as the sign in screen. I was able to register but no spawn happened...
  2. Hit me up n Skype we will talk more Skype Name: trueliferp
  3. Ahhh Now i know what you mean. I guess they will just have to take my word.... idk lol vouches can be made up right? that's why this is so hard because no one trusts anyone lol and its super sad because these coders have talent yet they usually get screwed out of payments and eventually stop scripting jobs.
  4. thank you. vouches? what are those..?
  5. I am looking to hire 2-3 scripters to work on a new game-mode. I will be paying these people a salary to script several hours a day. (or if they want to get paid per resource). Im looking to have it done within 3 months. Around Jan/Feb. I have worked with a few other scripters via this community to build a few scripts and have paid successfully. (via payPal) I am 30 yrs old and work a full 40+ hour week.I enjoy GTA:SA and MTA and want to create a true roleplay server. I have been roleplaying for years and have been slowly building a beta version of my server. I mostly have the entire server
  6. Hello I have an idea for a custom HUD. It will contain several images and I will need to layer them. Currently I have the main background part of the hud which is a black panel. When the script is enabled the black panel shows up all the time. Even on login screen... I would like it to only load on player login and I will also need it to load a very similar setup when entering a vehicle. so In vehicle it will show Vehicle Hud and when on foot It will show Normal HUD. --- anyways the current hud background panel appears on top of the mini map which I need to place on top if it. Also the r
  7. -Updates- Added Vehicle System X: Glue yourself to a Vehicle Z: See Vehicle Details C: Cruise Control (Toggle) J: start/stop Engine L: Headlights on/off ------------------------------------ F2: View The Inventory System (Under Construction) F1: Player Options /playerinfo [character's name] /getpos Custom Weapon Crosshair Custom Weapon Sounds Custom Vehicle Shader Custom Sky Shader Custom Shoutcast Radio Stations in Vehicle Custom Boat Docks Custom Los Santos XXX Nude Shop Re-texure Billboards Re-texure (under construction) (bugs) Idlewood Gas Re-texure (under construction)
  8. Login Character Script: 99% Finished Graphic Re-Works and a little re-wording. Adding some features as well to make it easier for the player. This server is really coming along! -Stay Tuned!
  9. Scripters Needed **Please submit your fee and estimated delivery date via PM or reply**
  10. I want to support the current community of scripters. I know some of them put backdoors and such into their work which I know what to look for in a completed script. I am wanting to own and run this server due to my love of the game. And endless possibilities for fun while gaming. I have a full time career IRL and a family to take care of. So I dont really have the time to sit down and learn LUA. I have a few tutorial videos I have watched but never really had a coach or anything. Thanks for the heads up and hope to one day see ya in game!
  11. Hello I know what your thinking... Oh geez yet another Roleplay server prolly using a lifted VG/Root Script. Well thats not what Im about. I have thought out almost every single aspect f this server. I am a graphic designer and IT professional IRL. I have the eye for a good looking server as well as the money and want to build a scripting team that will rival all other servers. I have spent the last few years taking notes on what I enjoy and dislike about the roleplay servers. These notes started when VG:RP was in Las Venturas! (if you can remember that far back). I have though out every asp
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