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  1. do i have to add line in the ACL file ?
  2. guys i downloaded the zombie mod i put it in my server but there is no zombies it doesn't spawn any zombie at any place ????? can you give me working zombie mod >>>>> sorry for my bad english
  3. didnt work can you post the full scrip ?
  4. how to place icon in the map for some place may i haven the script please sorry for my bad english
  5. i need script when i close to the gate automaticly opens and if iam away it closes automaticly Sorry for my english
  6. i got DFF file >>>> but i want the TXD not The DFF
  7. when i search for vsgn_scrollsgn01 in Crazy img editor i didnt found anything >>>> sorry for my bad english
  8. داري بس وش اسمه مب لاقيه حتى انت دور عليه ما راح تلاقيه ولو لقيته ارفعه لي ضرورييييييي
  9. I need this Object Name in Gta sa because i cant find it in the >> crazy img editor
  10. شباب ابي اسم هاذا ال object ضروري ما ابي اسمه في MTA ابي اسمه في Gta sa عشان مب لاقيه في ال Crazy img editor TXD الزبدة ........ ابي ملف ال حقه :]
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