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    Is there a function or custom function that makes the player like a ghost.. i mean not walk through walls but only walk through players.
  2. unfortunately i will not going to compare the data i will actually retrieve them but yes the decoder idea is great.. i will work on my own one. and as for the xml file that i was talking about.. i found a way to do it, here is my code: if not fileExists("@userdata.xml") then local file = fileCreate("@userdata.xml") fileWrite(file, '') fileClose(file) end local xml = xmlLoadFile("@userdata.xml") local rememberData = {} for i,node in pairs(xmlNodeGetChildren(xml))do rememberData[xmlNodeGetName(node)] = xmlNodeGetValue(node)
  3. I tried it on my mysql database and it works but what if the player have more than one account? my method was to get userdata from user's serial, so i decided to make it as a local xml file in this format: <userdata> <acc></acc> <pass></pass> </userdata> with the possibility of no one to see this file, how would i do that?
  4. ~DarkRacer~

    help xml

    Can someone explain to me how can i create a protected xml file to use it to store player's username and password, i know how to create an xml file its obvious, but i want to make it hidden so no one can see its content on the client's pc.
  5. your code prevent the player from doing the action but it still getting damage!
  6. Thanks you now i get it. but the thing is .. the source get damaged and cancelEvent() has no effect. what's the solution for that?
  7. as for the report.. (EDIT : NVM) and as for the solution.. i don't understand, i'll be glad if you make it more clear for me and thank you.
  8. Never, its working fine but if the attacker's weapon is spraycan it doesn't trigger. Edit: Please try it on your local server and tell my the result cause i test it on my brother's pc and still the same.
  9. onClientPlayerDamage doesn't get triggered if the weapon was a spraycan! it was working fine but suddenly it became untriggerable for the spraycan weapon... i tried it on other weapons and it works but on spraycan it won't work. addEventHandler('onClientPlayerDamage', getRootElement(), function(attacker, weapon, bodypart ,loss) outputChatBox('1') end ) is this a MTA bug or what? please try it on your local server and tell me the result.. because my mind will explode soon !
  10. Next time, you will provide the screenshot earlier, you won't cut part of the code involved in your problem and you won't say the priority isnt working when it's obviously working. Thanks. Dude, chill! it wasn't working and you know that, and why would i post this topic if its "obviously working"? i didn't lie .. the set priority function wasn't doing any effect on the column that what i meant with not working !. And Yes i will cut the code that involved to my problem, what do you expect ? to show you my whole 1265 lines of my gamemode's main server script?. Thanks to all of you, again.
  11. i have a question, is there a way to change the width of the name column? i took a look inside the resource script but its just too complicated i couldn't find that part.
  12. Try removing a priority at job like exports['scoreboard']:scoreboardAddColumn( "job" , getRootElement() , 20, "job") Worked .. Thanks! i removed all the priorities of the columns except for the id column, i set it to 1. here is the code: exports['scoreboard']:scoreboardSetColumnPriority( "name" , 2 , root ) exports['scoreboard']:scoreboardAddColumn( "id" , root , 20, "id", 1 ) exports['scoreboard']:scoreboardAddColumn( "job", getRootElement() , 70 , "job" ) -- other columns that i don't wanna show...
  13. i tried your way (upper-casing the first letter) but it didn't work. result is the same as my previous post
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