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  1. Hello, can you tell me with this does not work? When I click to button nothing happend it has to say ,,true" local sX, sY = guiGetScreenSize() function test2 () dxDrawRectangle(sX/4, sY/4, sX/8, sY/8, tocolor(0,255,0,255), false) showCursor(true) end addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, test2 ) function test ( button, state, x, x ) if (button == 'left' or button == 'right' or state == 'down') then local checkX = ( x > sX/4 and x < sX/8 ) local checkY = ( y > sY/4 and y < sY/8 ) if ( checkX and checkY ) then outputChatBox("true") end end end addEventHa
  2. papam77

    Sound name

    I had this on my old radio: function onClientSoundChangedMeta(streamTitle) local tTags = getSoundMetaTags(source) if (tTags) then for tag,value in pairs(tTags) do outputChatBox(string.gsub(string.format('#ffffffArtist: %s | Title: %s', tag, value), "f/", "ft. "), 255, 255, 255, true) end end end And I decided to use MTA:SA Visualiser, but I don't know how to get song name, because it shows me only stream name local startx = 112 local starty = 1026 local startz = 14 local screenStartX = guiGetScreenSize() local SPECWIDTH = screenStartX lo
  3. But I defined g_Money like getPlayerMoney() local g_Money = getPlayerMoney()
  4. function boughtSM ( button ) if button == "left" then if ( g_Money == 15 ) or ( g_Money > 15 ) then outputChatBox ("#ffffffYou bought Salad Meal", 255,255,255, true ) takePlayerMoney (15) else outputChatBox ("#ff0000Sorry, you have no enough money", 255,255,255, true ) takePlayerMoney (0) end end end Why it needs restart script to check money again? Because When I set my money to 15, I need then restart this script to check it again, because without restart it writes You've no enough money... Where's the problem?
  5. Oh now it works, but here is problem.... From every side i see it elsewhere and when is between ped and me cca 50m it's big, I need it with same size still.
  6. Hello guys, Is possible to do distance around ped with no marker? I mean if is player 5m near to ped then he can press X or something to open Ped's menu? I need it with no marker. And why is the text floating on my screen randomly when I look to a ped function md () local get3D = getScreenFromWorldPosition ( 2184.70, -3279.12, 1684.65 ) dxDrawText ( "PED1", get3D,tocolor ( 255, 255, 255, 255 ), 1, "pricedown" ) end addEventHandler ("onClientRender", root, md )
  7. Hello, Is possible to get in gamemode race with ped pickup (Hunter)? I don't want it with marker. I need to take it with ped and change from ped to hunter.
  8. And what about dxDrawText? http://www.img.tpx.cz/uploads/relative.png http://www.img.tpx.cz/uploads/relative2.png local sX, sY = guiGetScreenSize() function design () showCursor ( true ) -- Header -- dxDrawRectangle ( 0, 0, sX/1, sY/20, tocolor ( 0, 125, 255, 255 ) ) dxDrawText("Sign In", sX/1.1, 0, sX/2, sY/2, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), 3.00, "default", "left", "top", false, false, true, false, false) end addEventHandler ("onClientRender", root, design ) It is not relative, but why? I mean the text scale
  9. Hello, I have problem with dxDrawRectangle, here is code: dxDrawRectangle ( sX/(25*100), sY/(25*100), sX/3, sY/30, tocolor ( 0, 125, 255, 255 ) ) And what am I doing? http://www.img.tpx.cz/uploads/thisthist ... isthis.jpg sX 25*100 and sY 25*100 is correct it is in the left side (up), but when I am changing the sX it is making sY smaller, but why? I need it like on the image.
  10. local sX, sY = guiGetScreenSize () -- sY = UP -- sX = SIDES function header () dxDrawRectangle ( sX/1920, sY/25*100, sX/50, sY/3, tocolor ( 0, 125, 255, 255 ) ) end addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, header ) Hello, Why 25*100 doesn't work? Now i have to use 2500 to hit this upper side. http://www.img.tpx.cz/uploads/hitthis.png I do not know why, but i have to use big numbers to get this position, I mean the red upper line.
  11. function startMusic() setRadioChannel(0) song = playSound("http://www.181.fm/winamp.pls?station=181-power&style=&description=Power%20181%20(Top%2040)&file=181-power.pls") addEventHandler ('onClientSoundChangedMeta', song, onClientSoundChangedMeta) end function makeRadioStayOff() setRadioChannel(0) cancelEvent() end function onClientSoundChangedMeta (streamTitle, strTitle) local tTags = getSoundMetaTags (song) local c = 255,255,255,true if tTags then for tag, value in pairs (tTags) do outputChatBox (string.format
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