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  1. xVx

    no disc inserted

    hello everyone, i installed gta after a long time i haven't use, when i try to open GTA / MTA it's writing "no disc inserted, please insert a CD/DVD". i've downloaded MTADiag and while opening it writes "MSVCP100.dll missing..." and i have it... please help me thanks.
  2. xVx

    0x772022b2 x00000024 problem

  3. I have a problem in SA-MP Map construction and I don't know where to ask about.
  4. xVx

    0x772022b2 x00000024 problem

    it doesn't work yet...
  5. i have this problem on running mta: http://gyazo.com/79fd27134e015492fd4ec96d74455435 here is the pastebin of MTADiag: http://pastebin.mtasa.com/260060563 GTA Single and SAMP works fine.
  6. xVx

    object identify

    I am asking about the object itself, not about samp.
  7. xVx

    object identify

    that buliding, it's looks high, but its just a parking with a windows above.
  8. xVx

    start and stuck

    i am going into the game, and its stuck on the main menu with the quick connect, map editor , etc.
  9. xVx

    start and stuck

    when i start MTA without Adminstrator, MTA is coming to the menu and then it stucks, i should do ctrl + alt + delete to get out. with adminstrator it's work properly but i want to start MTA without admin. how can i solve the problem ?
  10. http://pastebin.com/AC7sWGP3
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