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  1. Nope. It's all a big joke, MTA is actually the win32.blaster worm.
  2. What he means is that your server may be behind a firewall. You might want to forward the proper ports. Nope, it's a professionally colo'd server, and isn't behind a firewall that would do that.
  3. I doubt it would be every single person who connect's router or firewall
  4. root@queen [/home/socrates]# ./MTAServer0.3 -d MTA Server for MTA:VC 0.3 ServerName = 'Apotheosis MTA:VC' ServerPort = 2003 Game = GTA:VC / MTA:VC (#2) GameMode = Stunt (#2) MaxPlayers = 24 SERVER: successfully started the server (port 2003) ADMINSERVER: successfully started the server (port 4003) SERVER: ASE registration is enabled ... will attempt to register (if possible). JOIN: 'epsilon', PlayerID = 0 ( QUIT: 'epsilon', PlayerID = 0 ... quit due to timeout. JOIN: 'epsilon', PlayerID = 0 ( QUIT: 'epsilon', PlayerID = 0 ... quit due to timeout. I am "epsilon", now, it seems as though the server is working fine, but whenever anyone connects, it times out
  5. ok, figured it out, now, is there any way to get this run as a background process? it seems to stop running when i close the ssh window :\
  6. everything is in the right place, and chmodded to 0777
  7. thanks, but that doesn't really help the problem at hand
  8. I want to set up an MTA:VC server, but whenever i try to execute MTAServer, i get this: root@server4501 [~]# exec /home/epsilon/mta/MTAServer -c . MTA Server for MTA:VC 0.2 ERROR: Unable to open existing Banned IP list. Starting clean. ERROR: A ServerName MUST be specified in the configuration file AND be > 0 in length. ERROR: The ServerName, ServerPort and Game MUST be specified in the configuration file. All of these are in the configuration file
  9. When I start Vice City with MTA, it says insert the play cd, or press esc to quit, but I am using a no-cd patch. Vice city 1.0, Windows xp home, service pack one, 2.53 ghz p4, 1 gb physical mem, 1x120, and 1x80 hard drives