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  1. so i were wondering how can i change the password in filezilla ftp client, does anyone know how ?????? thank you..
  2. So, today I suddenly had a 2-3 seconds FPS lag and then, 2-4 seconds later my MTA closed itself. But there wasn't one of those 'Crash' Window... What can it be?
  3. Querying MTA master server... success! That happened the first 3 timesI started MTAServer, now it says Querying MTA master server... failed! (Error 500...) What does that mean and why now it says failed
  4. Querying MTA master server... success! What does that mean?
  5. So, I tried to download Notepad++ from the official page [ http://notepad-plus-plus.org ] but when the download of the latest version almost finished, AVAST! told me that the file is too old or few avast! users found it... What's this? and it said its suspicious
  6. Hello, dear MTA forums' users, I re-installed 7 days ago MTA:SA in my PC and today I tried the MAP EDITOR and the MTAServer.exe the first time after the re-installation. I'm a bit scared because there was a windows saying 'WINDOWS FIREWALL': Agree or Cancel and I canceled... This happened when I opened the MAP EDITOR. Then, I opened MTAServer.exe and it said 'WINDOWS FIREWALL': Agree or Cancel again, and this time I clicked the red 'X'. I can access to my local server and Map Editor, but I'm a bit scared because of this... I can access servers as well. But, will this give me issues? Why do MT
  7. Firstly, I thought about Steam. But as I need to replace the .exe, Steam could ban me, no? Does anyone know another site where I can buy it for 10€ (euro) with PaysafeCard?
  8. Ok. Do u know where can i buy it? I think steam version is not that
  9. Ok. I wanna buy gta sa by internet i thought steam but i heard there are issues with this annd mta. Where can i buy a proper gta sa version for mta?
  10. GamerDeMTA


    Es client side su script, y su línea está correcta. En la sintaxis de la funcion fadeCamera client side no tienes que especificar el player Required Arguments fadeIn: Should the camera be faded in our out? Pass true to fade the camera in, false to fade it out to a color. Optional Arguments timeToFade: The number of seconds it should take to fade. Any number less than 1 makes the fade instant. red: The amount of red in the color that the camera fades out to (0 - 255). Not required for fading in. green: The amount of green in the color that the camera fades out to (0 - 255). Not required f
  11. why you use thePlayer instead localPlayer also isPedDead is server only
  12. GamerDeMTA


    TAPL, I have a doubt about this too. I want to do a gridlist with 3 weapons, for example, X, Y, Z, would this work? Or your example is for other thing? for i=0, guiGridListGetRowCount(MYLIST) do if guiGridListGetItemText(MYLIST, i, COLUMN) == "X" then giveWeapon --blablabla end end ?
  13. Hey, isn't it easier to use isPedInVehicle function?
  14. GamerDeMTA


    Eso elige un mensaje al azar de la tabla
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