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  1. Oow, ok that's not what i need in my scripts. THANKS!!!
  2. I often see, that someone types blip. What's a blip? Thanks
  3. have you deleted the files in the resource-cache. You're welcome!
  4. He sent this: edit: don't delete the files when the server is running!
  5. I found it on the forum, and for him it works!
  6. Just delete all files in the resource-cache folder, and it will be fixed.
  7. What i did is, fixed the ends on the end, couse they were not good.
  8. changed your if? i didn't.
  9. You must yous this then: step 1: server-side addCommandHandler("getSniper", function() local range = getWeaponProperty(34,"poor","weapon_range") outputChatBox("Range from Sniper is:"..tostring(range)) end) meta.xml <meta> <script src="server.lua" type="server"/> </meta> Just add this resource to the server, type /getSniper on chatbox and send the result to me.
  10. So you want, that a sniper can shoot farther.
  11. Do you mean the distance a sniper could sight, or could shoot?
  12. you can't change the scope_range. You can only change the gun_range.
  13. That's accactly what i found yet, i can help you if you need.
  14. Ok, i am not advanced with scriptin, i started learning around 3-4 days ago. I am going to search on the wiki, to your problem.
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