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  1. how to install it ! where to extract it ?? and how to add it to admin acl
  2. why the 255 ? also it says Welcome To My server please /register : [ .. getPlayerName(source) .. ] when i log in. Not my name
  3. sorry for annoying you but if i want to remove the colors ? when i made it like this function join() outputChatBox("Welcome To My server please /register : [ .. getPlayerName(source) .. ], root, 0, 0, 0, true) end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", root, join) i got an error and yes my server name is my server
  4. just tested your script its awesome ! but i wanted it to say example: Welcome Mr.Pres[T]ege! also from where did you learn all that? i read most of MTA wiki and couldn't find that
  5. why did you add #ffffff"? and el salam alyekeim
  6. Didn't work and if i want it without the country ?
  7. i want to make a script the says when a player connects Welcome "playerNickname" or "playerNickname" Comes from "country" i looked everywhere and i tried lots of times and couldn't make it ! please help
  8. so put nothing between ()? also one for water please
  9. i am new to this so more explanation please if you can add examples it will be nice
  10. function SkyGradient(SkyGradient) setSkyGradientsetSkyGradient( 200, 0, 100, 150, 0, 70 ) end addCommandHandler("sky",SkyGradient) what's wrong !? its so simple ! i get that error: attempt to call global setSkygradientsetSkyGradient' also how to change water color ? can you make me an example please for both Sky and water and if you can make one sky with RGB ? UPDATE : i fixed the setSky function Skycolor(setSkyGradient) setSkyGradient( 200, 0, 100, 150, 0, 70 ) end addCommandHandler("sky", Skycolor) now i get another error: attempt to call setskygradient
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