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  1. I don't understand why you guys think so bad about it, the chance that it turns into a success is huge. And even if it will end up in a mess you could simply move it to archive. Nobody can promise that it'll develop, it all depends on the known clans and it members. If known ones will go and use it others probably follow. But without giving it a try we'll never know. Zaya, if you need any kind of help I'm pleased to help you, you know how you can contact me I guess) Warmest regards, Shot.
  2. To be honest.. You posted this at Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:01 am, I don't wanna sound disrespectful, but 4 month's have passed already. This idea of Zaya is just great, maybe put a bit more effort in creating it. It's a great development for every DD server/team- and team-less player. Servers could get more known, Teams could do clan-wars against other clans more easily and clan-less players could search for a clan to there performance. More known Community's could create tournaments were also other servers there clan could participate. We could share/sell/trade our maps and scripts and develop things together. Personally I wonder why there isn't such a section already, it would be interesting for the MTA team itself to. You could check how servers are doing, maybe even support some servers because of the things they do. Nevertheless, thanks to them there are so much people playing MTA, and some of them also donated to you. Anyways, FOTL and its community supports this idea. Regards, Shot.