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  1. Oh i fixed it!. Thank you very much, I really appreciate your help. I messed up with the source and localPlayer.
  2. It didnt work. local data = aTable [ source ] outputChatBox("test") if ( type ( data ) == "table" ) then I tried an output under the "if" and it didnt work. However above did work, so i guess its something wrong with that line
  3. Yes. I want it tabled since it will be creating a new object with blip and colsphere like every sec. Therefore I want it to be like; when I hits the col, it will destroy the blip, col and object. Of course there's other things added to that than it getting deleted only. Its just that part I'm having problems with.
  4. I don't have the knowledge to do that. I just tried throwing them all in a table like showed above, and some other weird ways. However, that ended with a failure you see. That's why I would like you guys to give me a clue about how to do it
  5. That was exactly how i wanted it to be. Its just the fact that i can't do that
  6. Oh, what if i've got an object using createObject? My bad... I should've pointed out that I wanted the col and blip attached to the object. However, the blip isn't a problem now. Since it will be deleted if i get the object deleted. You know how i can fix that? The plan though is to get the object, blip and colsphere deleted when i hit that colsphere...
  7. It works ;D Thank you very much
  8. It says TOTAL GATES: 0, then 5 sec later the XML is loaded. As you see i used setTimer on 5 sec.
  9. It outputs nothing, it needs to be triggered i think
  10. Hey! It worked , thank you! I didnt mention that i have a remove all objects function too. It got bugged when you made that new setup, and I'm not sure how to fix it. I hoped you could give a little hint about how to do it. Again, thanks!
  11. local objectsSpawned = {} function createTheObjects( thePlayer,objectID,objectPosX,objectPosY,objectPosZ, objectRotX, objectRotY, objectRotZ ) obj = createObject( thePlayer,objectID,objectPosX,objectPosY,objectPosZ, objectRotX, objectRotY, objectRotZ ) setElementDoubleSided (obj,true) if (not objectsSpawned[client]) then objectsSpawned[client] = {} end table.insert ( objectsSpawned [ client ], obj ) end addEvent("createObjects",true) addEventHandler("createObjects",root,createTheObjects)
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