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  1. Hah, we've (VCK) been claiming the estate since the beginning. It's rightfully ours.
  2. Thanks for the positive comments. I made it that way for a reason. Most of it is navigation, you go click skins, see what you want click it and be gone. I call it 'simple yet effective'. It's not great, I can do much better, but it gets its job done.
  3. I only asked for comments on the layout. Not my skins.
  4. Well, I don't see you doin it and makin a site. I did it because alot of people liked my original. (REDRYS)
  5. I've launched a site for my skins. There isn't much yet because I havn't located all of my skins and I still have alot of work to do. Comment on it so far anyways. Rys' GTA Skins
  6. He kept crashing my game. I couldn't even play dammit!
  7. RYS

    My new skin...

    I used a texture affect to do that. But it looks ok ingame so I'm not owrried. It's only my second attempt. My next will be better.
  8. I got bored and made a new skin for the original player. No need to ask permission if you would like to host it but please give me credit. Features: - Skagen 39SSS watch - Lighter jeans - Brand new Red and White Adidas - Red shirt - Bloodshot eyes (yeah, he's been tokin!) - Cleaner sideburns Comments please... Here it is in a cutscene. Cutscene version below. INSTALLATION To install the player skin simply right click the first player model and save into the folder "grand theft auto vice city/skins" To install the cutscene version save the second player model to where ever. You will need viceTXD for this. Open "grand theft auto vice city/models/gta3.img" in viceTXD. Replace CSplay.txd with the second player model. If you don't understand something ask.
  9. I only had one problem besides the ocasional crash of VC. I was playing with my friend and he was saying he stole the car I was in a few moments after I had flipped it and it exploded. After a few disconnects and reconnects on both parts it was fine. Win2k SP4
  10. This reminds me of Quake III. When you're in "chat mode" You have a little blue thingy over your head liike this[i will insert pic here check back later]...implementing this would be cool.
  11. RYS

    teammode carcolour

    That's a great idea. Reminds me of Red Alert 2. You make a spy, desguise him as your enemy, and if your keen you can tell he;s an enemy and kill him. Great idea.
  12. RYS


    This draws from competition. What if people wanna compete to see who can do the most/best stunts with one given car untill it's destroyed?
  13. ASE is the shit! Oh! Cray is right.
  14. I tried to show a few people the apartment in MTA and I couldn't go through the door. I also tried to show them the Easter Egg on the VCN building. Made me look like a fool cause for some reason you can't go on that roof without a chopper. It won't bring you up there from the doorway.
  15. Would that be the same for the cars that drop from the sky? That's very interesting to see how that works though. Nice.
  16. I want a gang that is in need of a good driver , that knows the passenger trick, I can get them anywhere real quick. So if our gang is just chillin, lets say, and one of our members gets attacked, and I'm there with a good shootist I can drive him to where our gang is fightin real quick. See what i'm sayin. I juss wanna be of some use as a driver.
  17. I installed the patch (VC) not knowing it won't allow me to play MTA. Is there any way, besides re-installing, that I can rid of this patch? I really wanna play MTA again.
  18. I've been playing since gta2 and I know the series pretty well. I may be a n00b here, but definetly not to MTA. I was one of those people who believed in you guys!! If you bought gta:vc for PC and registered you can see at thr bottom it say, "In 10 words or less, explain to us whats wrong with the world" my responce was, "No official multiplayer support for GTA". Hopefully they will hire you nice people for your hard work and you will make lots off it. Good luck. Now... Like I said I no n00b to the game. I'm new here but listen up. I have great driving skills on PS2. Which means I have great skills in PC, naturaly. i can drive without a map/radar and quick too. I wanna be in a gang now, a good founded one, as a driver. I have good social skills and good management skills. I can coordinate a good fight, as I've done in MTA before. If your interested in givin me a tryout of somesort either reply here or PM me.I go by "RYS" in MTA so add me to your all seeing eye buddylist. Also I have AIM, MSN, and yahoo! You can find that info in my profile. I think that sums it up...
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