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  1. And the gate should move every time, not one time..
  2. Server side or Client? Thank you
  3. Hello, How i can create a Gate thats moving every time. Without Command.. Thank you
  4. Hello, How i can freeze a vehicle, when the vehicle drives in a marker? After 1 second the vehicle will unfreeze..
  5. hi, How i get the nearest Object? Its the Object Model "17950" (Garage). That here get the nearest vehicle: function getNearestVehicle( player ) local x, y, z = getElementPosition( player ) local prevDistance local nearestVehicle for i, v in ipairs( getElementsByType( "vehicle" ) ) do local distance = getDistanceBetweenPoints3D( x, y, z, getElementPosition( v ) ) if distance <= ( prevDistance or distance + 1 ) then prevDistance = distance nearestVehicle = v end end return nearestVehicle or false end
  6. But what is the standart from the m4?
  7. How i can set the ak-47 like to m4. The ak-47 should equal to shoot well like the m4. The Ak-47 should be have the same stats ( skills, munition,...) like the m4 How i can do that?
  8. when the car is burning, you must go away and the come again to see the blip...
  9. oh it works, but when the car is burning, you must go away and the come again. Then is the Blip there This works serverside too?
  10. This wont check the vehicle, if the vehicle will be repaired.. addEvent("burnBlip", true) addEventHandler("burnBlip", root, function (car) if getElementType(car) == "vehicle" then local check = getElementHealth(car) if check < 250 then local x,y,z = getElementPosition(source) local blip = createBlip(x,y,z, 43) attachElements(blip, car) else destroyElement(blip) end end end )
  11. Why this want work? barricadeFactions = { [10]=true } vehicleBlips = {} addEventHandler( "onClientElementStreamIn", getRootElement(), function() if getElementType( source ) == "vehicle" then if getElementHealth ( source ) < 250 then if barricadeFactions[getElementData ( lp, "fraktion" )] then setTimer( function( v ) vehicleBlips[v] = createBlipAttachedTo( v, 27, 1 ) end, 100, 1, source ) end
  12. Difficult ^^ Thank you for your help
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