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  1. Clan name xGamingGeneration with tag [xGG] , but idk where is it locked ?
  2. Forget that hsm.mp3 , I edited it I use the music.mp3 . But still the same prob.
  3. I have all files there , but idk , that file src is the only problem.
  4. I can't start map ,because it is not on the list.That's the problem. And as i said , when I dont have , it is on list and i can load.
  5. I dont know where to see the errors. On localhost the map works.I saw that now. But on other server it doesnt. Idk how to explain. I did everything like in other maps.
  6. Here is meta "hsm.mp3" /> Client .lua function ClientStarted () setWaterColor( 0 , 213, 255 ) setSkyGradient( 24, 100, 100, 255, 102, 0 ) end addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), ClientStarted ) Music.lua function startMusic() setRadioChannel(0) song = playSound("hsm.mp3",true) outputChatBox("[Music] Press z to stop / start music.",getRootElement(),255,255,255,true) end function makeRadioStayOff() setRadioChannel(0) cancelEvent() end function toggleSong()
  7. I have client.lua , and its not working. I know its something with scripting , but what is the problem.I use the same meta.xml edited for my map.And client.lua and music.lua but not working.
  8. Hi all.I have a problem with my TDD map. The problem is, the map dont load if it has . It can load without It. And I have my other DD maps too.With . And they are working. How can I solve the problem ? please help, ty for all.
  9. The problem is now , idk what to do.
  10. How can I make it, cause I am like a beginner .
  11. Hi people. I use this resource http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=5181 It's a clan system. But I dont know why It is not working for me. I edit tag and name for clan in that resource. When I join server and use tag , it dont work. How can I solve it?
  12. Hi, I have a question about a clan system for Race DD server. But first question is , can I get it for free. So, if I can my next question is. Does it have a resource clan system for a DD server, with teams saving. And with tags.But when someone uses a tag from a clan , he gets color of the clan and car color of clan. I wanna say , That people are in clan only when they have tag in their names. If someone understands me , and there is a clan system for free.Please help.
  13. OMG Good work.I really like this maps , and maps really look like in cod . I hope you will make more good maps .
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