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  1. Seller protection is always a good thing to check. If you don't have that, Paypal could charge you $20 if you lose a chargeback case. "item not received" is indeed a strange claim for donations but it might also be just a stupid way to request a refund. If you use an IPN callback script you could also validate some of the information Paypal send back to you such as the country code. A mismatching country code (compared to the client IP) could be a sign of unauthorized access (stolen CC/PP). Paypal is a good payment processor for customers/donators but terrible for merchants and service pr
  2. https://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=13405 Stolen from GTW-RPG (v1 which is not open source and full of vulnerabilities, memory leaks and outdated code). DONE
  3. Shared plans may return sooner than expected. I can't reveal to much information about when or how it will work but it will be different from traditional shared solutions. High security and privacy will be the main goal so expect a solution without accounts and passwords that can be forgotten or hacked. Thanks to simplicity and the usage of our own cloud infrastructure, prices will start from as little as $0.5/month.
  4. This was originally created 5 years ago, back then it was literally impossible to get or set which track the train should spawn in other than actually spawn at a hardcoded position and then check if it's on the right track. First version used 200 hardcoded locations. 4.5 years ago I've released the full code of this as open source and today it's fully dynamic. It still doesn't check which track to spawn on but it does check when it'll reach the end of a track and stop the train before it goes off track. v-40 has been even further improved and optimized for perfection including the sync issues
  5. Due to increased BTC prices this offer has now expired and new requests will not be granted. Any work already in progress will be paid according to previous terms described in the main post.
  6. About the project GTW-RPG is one of the oldest open source RPG game modes for MTA, initially launched in year 2012 and currently at version 3.0. Right now we're building v4.0 which provides a lot of new features, including a project wide system for language translations. Now this job is easy script wise but requires a high amount of time to make sure everything is correct which is why we've decided to spend 0.1 BTC (~$115) to finally fix the translations. About the job The job includes, not only the actual translations but most important the conversation from the current system
  7. It's probably best to ask the devs how objects actually are loaded internally, but I'm guessing it's all based on the already existing systems in GTA sa. No matter if you're using custom objects or built in objects the loading time should be equal. So to figure out why .lua maps would be slower than .map maps (which does seems to be the case when loading maps with over 1000 objects or so). I've had a deeper look on the code itself to see what's differ. This line here: <object id="object (a51_jetdoor) (1)" breakable="true" interior="0" collisions="true" alpha="255" model="3095" doublesid
  8. Any ideas why .lua maps would be more laggy than regular .map maps? I think that depends on which properties are included in the conversation. This tool tries to detect as many properties as possible unlike the other converters. Thanks to xeon17 I found some more properties that I don't have in my own maps which I initially tested with such as LOD objects, collisions, and radius. Anyway, if the conversation is 100% accurate and the same mechanism is used to render the maps no matter if the source is .lua or .map it shouldn't be any difference. If .lua maps does get more laggy than .map m
  9. Download the v4.0-beta branch instead: https://github.com/404rq/GTW-RPG/tree/v4.0-development GTWgui is not used in v3.0 so the function causing that error can safely be removed, mod-shop is a compiled resource which also appears to be abandoned. It's easy to decompile but it it wouldn't be right to do that, which leaves us with no other option than including a different mod system or skip the mod system resource completely.
  10. Back in the past there was a website that could convert maps created with the official in game map editor to a corresponding Lua script. Unfortunately tho that website appears to be down by now, so I've created my own converter using some regular expressions to find properties in a map file and generate a corresponding Lua script. Here's how it looks: So why would you convert your maps to Lua then? well there are many reasons, for instance: Reduce file size, converted Lua files is around 20% the size of it's corresponding map file. Ability to use the local cache, obviou
  11. Alright, the easiest way then would be to use default options and create a new user, make sure you mark the checkbox "create a database with the same name and grant all privileges".
  12. The file db.sql contains all database tables and structures required. Currently these won't be created automatically when using MySQL so you'll have to import that file into your database. What management software are you using? PhpMyAdmin, MySQL workbench, command line or anything else. Methods to setup a database properly varies between these.
  13. Error 10061 is a database error, see this thread for more details: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/119008/cant-connect-to-mysql-server-on-localhost-10061
  14. trailerSyncTimers needs to be initialized, add this: trailerSyncTimers = { } between line 2 and 3 in the first Lua block right before it's being used.
  15. Thanks to lower operational costs we are now lowering our prices, especially on our big plans. Here's some examples: Compute VPS (squirrel) 25 GB SSD, M.2 storage 1 vCore at @2.4GHz (Intel) 1,024 MB RAM Backup & live snapshots (from $0.002/hour) Dedicated low latency DDoS protection (from $0.015/hour) For reasonable $0.009 per hour Compute VPS (hedgehog) 40 GB SSD, M.2 storage 1 vCore at @2.4GHz (Intel) 2,048 MB RAM Backup & live snapshots (from $0.0034/hour) Dedicated low latency DDoS protection (from $0.015/hou
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