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  1. second problem solved! anyone knows how to fix the first? ty bonsai
  2. hey, im back to the forums after a loooong time, and im making a resource with peds that drive, peds that shoot and etc, problem 1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -but my problem is: because the functions are client side, everytime i make a function for a ped, only me, or only 1 other person can see the ped doing it, and that includes if the ped is shooting someone, i can see it shooting, but the target player dont, and dont take damage because of that. - I already tryed making a server function
  3. the outcome would be just like the setPedAimTarget, exactly the same, but with the difference that it works. when i said functions have a different names when inside the car, sedPedControlState is a example of that, it haves two different control lists, one while on foot and one in vehicles, i dont use "left" or "forwards" to make the vehicle move,for that is used "vehicle_left", "accelerate", there is too "fire" and "vehicle_ fire", etc.., this part of ped controlling is already separated, for me, the only thing that is bugged with setPedAimTarget is that it can be triggered while on a vehic
  4. i found out that setPedAimTarget dont work when the ped is on a driveby, probably due to a bug, but this is not a bug report area, and i will not report this bug because i think its easier to make another function and the result will be better, because almost all functions that can be used inside a vehicle have a different name for that, thats important to have the ability of making peds aim somewhere during a driveby, the lack of a function like that is making a big list of things that cant be done any opinions about that?
  5. what commands are needed to control the peds aim while in driveby? i im trying to use a shooting system i made for peds outside cars, but changing the setPedControlState "fire" for the setPedControlState "vehicle_fire" and activating the driveby first, but it is not working well, the ped doesnt have precision, and it can not aim to the opposite side of the car (sitting on the door) like players do. setPedControlState "aim_weapon" and setPedAimTarget works in the driveby?, is there any command needed that i forgot to add? thanks
  6. tryed now,it not worked, it keeps saying : "WARNING: (resourcename) upgrade as section in the meta.xml is incorrect or missing expected at least client 1.3.0-9.04491 because of warpPedInVehicle", i understand this is the problem, but what should i put on the meta to solve this?
  7. im trying to make a ped that is following me warp in the car when i enter it, but im getting a lot of problems with versions, on some versions the warpPedIntoVehicle and the removePedFromVehicle are client, in others are server, in my case is not working on both, i never had problems including the version of the functions so i dont know what to do, already tryed to put the versions on the meta file, tryed to update the resource but nothing is working,always giving errors related to versions, anyone that already had the problem knows how to fix it? (please read all the text before posting)
  8. and i just found how to do it, lol ,problem solved
  9. im using that, but my problem is: when i get the target's coordinates and put it on the aim command and them trigger the fire command, the target is not there anymore when it fires,because it is moving, i want the ped to aim to where the target is going to pass and wait to shoot. so it is not going to miss, but i dont know how can i do that
  10. hello, im working on some AI for peds, and im with a problem that is: how to make a ped aim and shoot correctly on a moving player/car? i im trying to do getElementVelocity + its aim in a lot of ways, but i cant find a relation or a math solution on how to use that, because i dont know how much time each of the functions takes, so i cant calculate how many time passed on each one of them between aim and shoot or estimate where the element really is and what all this have to do with the distance, im posting this because im sure that a lot of people did ped shooting before me and found a soluti
  11. hey, im working on a resource to make high precision sniper peds, and i found out that if i get out of it's range it cant hit me(obvious), but when i come back to it's range (a area where it already hit me before), it dont shoot, i need to get close enought to its location so the ped appears again, otherwhise it simply dont respond to the fire command. how can i make the ped work again without having to walk closer to make it load?
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