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  1. exports.scoreboard:scoreboardAddColumn( "score" ) function xcore () zcore = getElementData(source,"score") or 0 setElementData(source,"score",zcore+5) end addEvent("onPlayerWasted",true) addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted",getRootElement(),xcore)
  2. I have DD server, and in scoreboard have score column. If player is the last survivor, he win 5 points. And its work, but when player leaves server and enters again, point disappear. Can someone help me to save this point in player account? Thanks
  3. Can someone make score and money system for DD server? I can pay, but not to much. Thanks
  4. I found the answer. Thanks. http://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... ls&id=5210 Its the best way
  5. Problem its not to create, i can create Admin Team or Clan Team, but if i restart server, erases all.
  6. I don't understand where to paste this. Can you explain little more please?
  7. How can I add admin group to scoreboard? Thanks
  8. Can someone help me finding money script for DD? I find some scripts, but but it for race. Thanks
  9. Hello all!!! Need help with script. I need add point system to my server DD Thanks
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