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  1. Yeah, works good now. Thanks for the help
  2. I got it working, I had a friend resend gta3.img to me
  3. I redid MTADiag http://pastebin.com/niZdHsER
  4. Ok so I had one modded car added to the GTA game, I just uninstalled it and nothing happened
  5. I have no modded gta3.img as far as I can tell
  6. Single player does work, I can go in the map editor Other servers don't work that well
  7. New MTADiag link http://pastebin.com/wQJ8KLk3
  8. The last update I cannot update, I have no working battery
  9. I have installed the audio yes, but I still have the same problem
  10. I clicked on the links that were given above, the graphics driver isn't valid with my computer
  11. I went under my graphics and audio drivers and it tells me they are up to date...
  12. Really pointless to rerun MTADiag because all my drivers are up to date...
  13. http://pastebin.com/FTupD3kE I had already done that, forgot to place the link. Here you go.
  14. I load up the MTA client and it works just fine. When I log onto my server the program becomes unresponsive after about 30 seconds, I log on to the server just fine but once I log onto my account and select my player ( RP server) the program then becomes unresponsive. I have all updated drivers and everything (No need to tell me) I also ran MTADiag and that didn't work. I reinstalled MTA and GTA already and that doesn't help. I don't know what to be doing.
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