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  1. For those who are interested I am working on a multigamemode and I am looking for a designer whose job will be to design interfaces with photoshop (Or any other program) Contact me in forums or Discord ( AliA#3459 ) for further information.
  2. Did you give your script admin rights? in order for fetchRemote to work
  3. الفكره مب مستحيله بس تطبيقها في الشات الاصلي مب مسح فعلي اذا ظغطت على رساله تسوي اوتبت لكل الرسائل الظاهره والرساله الي ضغطت عليها تصير Name: Deleted
  4. استخدم مولز low-poly وصغر حجم الصور داخل ملفات ال txd مثلا صورة 256x256 اقسم على اثنين 128x128 or 64x64
  5. Use getZoneName check for zone name with citiesonly parameter im your playerJustGotDued function
  6. القصد والفكره انك تصنع ملف لوضع المعلومات الغير مشفره عشان تسوي لود للملف. صححني اذا ماكانت هذي الطريقه الي تتبعها؟
  7. Use xmlFindChild instead of xmlFindSubNode Plus it will help if you post what your xml file look like
  8. ALw7sH

    dx GUI

    You can create a gui behind your "dx button" and set it is alpha to 0. Or you could just use guiCreateStaticImage
  9. It seems like queueName did the trick. Thank you
  10. ALw7sH


    You're supposed to use the HTTP port (default is 22005)
  11. I can not find the right syntax for connectTimeout, connectionAttempts and queueName Edit: Nevermind it seems like I have to update my server because there is no such argument queueName in fetchRemote
  12. Well I'm using fetchRemote in four scripts. all four of them are being used constantly. In a login panel, radio script, avatars system and a bot So once the server reaches around 5 players (Now all three scripts are probably being used) the fetchRemote function starts to have a huge delay. the more it is being used the more this delay becomes bigger. And it is not like in seconds. sometimes you have to wait a good minute or even more for you request to be proceed
  13. fetchRemote hang up after loads of requests and starts to queue all the requests but do not process any of them. and starts to process x amount of requests every once awhile.
  14. Well I do remember this server long time ago but i had no idea who owned it (2.5-3+ years?). as well as I do remember working for the guy @D![G]Ao a while ago (1-2 years?). at that time there was only one server named F.F which belongs to @D![G]Ao if that makes any sense. so basically here is my points. I can not tell how own this server originally, in other words who created a server with this name first. But i do know that @D![G]Ao's server been up at a time where there was no other server named F.F @D![G]Ao claims to be the original owner and founder of this server as he says that he's the first guy to use this name and his server were only closed in the past few weeks due to technical difficulties.