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  1. Hey im german but i write in english ;P i try to get mysql working for MTA Server under Wheezy 7.0 64bit system. in /lib32 i can found the libreadline.so.5 and libreadline.so.5.2 with the command dpkg -i *.deb i have automaticly install libmysqlclient.so.15 under /usr/lib i try to link it to fix my problem with... ln -s /usr/lib/libmysqlclient.so.15 /usr/lib32/libmysqlclient.so.15 but it dont work : / MODULE: Unable to find modueles/mta_mysql.so (libmysqlclient.so.15: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64 also i have check the modules/mta_mysql.so and reinstall it. i dont have a id
  2. Hi, i looking for a litle scripte that respawn a vehicle that are not used since 5min. can someone help me? i have search some that help me to script it self, but no change my lua skill is very low ^^ thanks for reading and have a nice day. peace
  3. thx very mutch, i dont know the number of version but its not current version.. i will UPDATE it soon an than i chack it again.
  4. Hi, I have a really stupid bug on my server and I need it urgently your help. Here's what happens: Player No. 1 shoot with any weapon on player # 2 Player No. 2 sees the player No. 1 only with the fist on the boxes is player No. 2 and thus gets no damage. For player No. 1 and player No. 3, it looks as if player No. 1 to player No. 2 normally shoot but there is no harm in at player No. 2. But if player No. 1 shoots player player No. 3, he gets damage player No. 2 still sees no weapon in the hands of players No. 1 Also, by switching to a different weapon, the bow is not resolved ... The
  5. Hi, hier die Lösung von Castillo.... Die server version ist nicht aktuell und muss geupdatet werden ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ich habe einen richtig blöden bug auf meinem Server und brauche dabei dringend eure Hilfe. Folgendes passiert: Spieler Nr. 1 schießt mit irgend einer Waffe auf Spieler Nr. 2 Spieler Nr. 2 sieht das Spieler Nr. 1 nur mit der Faust am boxen ist und somit bekommt Spieler Nr. 2 keinen Schaden. Für Spieler Nr. 1 und Spieler Nr. 3 sieht es so aus als würde Spieler Nr. 1 normal auf Spieler Nr. 2 schießen aber es komm
  6. Hi, i have a lite weapon shop with a "button" to buy amor but if i klick on the background the amor button will stay in the background from the gui that i cant klick on it. how can i use "guiBringToBack" for the normal gui background ? i must close the window so that i can open it again and load it with guiBringToFront ( armorButton )
  7. Hi, i try to CreateObject by server site.. local bankatm1 = CreateObject( 2781, 2085.7102050781, 2083.2224121094, 10.358860969543, 0, 0, 180.0000) i get by /debugscript 3 ERROR: .../file.lua:181:attempt to call global 'CreateObject' (a nil value) someone can help me?
  8. yea, if i enter the vihicle, that name i will change... that i need for dayz mod. i have change the boat reefer but the boat need the same name that it work.
  9. can i change the ID from standard gta model?
  10. Hey, i have replace a model from a vehicle... but now is change the vehicle name too... can anyone say how i can set the name from the new model? i have an .dff and .txd file
  11. yea it is server side now this skript is working!! i have start the server again and it works -.-*!!
  12. oh yes now i have fix it but it dont work again for i,d in pairs(getModelHandling(472)) do setModelHandling(453, i, d) end any one have other idea?
  13. Hi, can i change the vehicle ID from 453 to 472? i mean that vehicle 453 have the model and handling from 472. thats my try to take the handling, but it dont work for i,d in pairs(getModelHandling(472)) do setModelHandling(453, k, d) end you have other ideas? thx for reading!
  14. thanks but the download is without scripts... they can only downloaded a dayZ map. someone can post a other link? thx for reading
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