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  1. Can you add Windows XP/Vista version as well? If not just disable OS check when installing 1.5.8 version. From what I understand it is tls 1.2 problem which windows xp internet explorer 8 doesn't support it. But there are proxy programs that bypass it. I just want to play 1.5.8 version. If not please feel free to disregard this since my pc doesn't even gaming pc.
  2. I want to create a healing field which increases client players health by 1 per second can anyone help ?
  3. i only want disable chainsaw sounds not all of them ...
  4. hey i wanna disable chainsaw sound effects in mta but i dont know how to do it can someone help me?
  5. Im looking for good server to play on like deathmatch (no not like DeathMatch) stealth , or basemode
  6. if my health reach 0 its automaticly rise to 1 and dead animation and not dying some one do that? sorry for crap english
  7. thanks its working perfectly now
  8. can you give me a example ?
  9. setTimer( function () setElementHealth ( localPlayer, ( getElementHealth ( localPlayer ) + 15 ) ) end,5000,0) end i have this but i need add function when damaged for example if you dont damage in 5 seconds you start healing i wanna help with this code
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