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  1. Skins de autos / Paintjobs

    @Starztec Siempre puedes usar shaders para añadir paintjobs customs a vehículos con el uv map bien hecho. Para saber el nombre de una textura de un vehículo remplazado, siempre puedes abrir el .txd del vehículo y ahí puedes exportar la textura para crear un paintjob o ver el nombre de la textura para remplazarla en el shader. Puedes usar este shader para remplazar la textura Shader.fx texture gTexture; technique TexReplace { pass P0 { Texture[0] = gTexture; } } Y luego en cliente usas estas funciones para remplazar la textura dxCreateShader() dxCreateTexture() engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture() dxSetShaderValue()
  2. Skins de autos / Paintjobs

    Un poco tarde pero bueno 1 y 2. Lo de skins de autos te refieres a modelos o texturas diferentes para un coche solo? Si te refieres a modelos siempre puedes remplazar coches de gta por otros de internet,lo cual si remplazas un turismo siempre el turismo se vera como lo remplazaste no se puede hacer para una persona o grupo solo, si te refieres a diferentes texturas para el mismo auto serian shaders. Cuando remplazas un modelo de vehículo ya es visible para todos. 3. Se podrían añadir paintjobs unicos con shaders.
  3. [Show]J Bot Path Finder

    When are you going to release this? I would love to have this for my server
  4. My scripts website

    Website dont work anymore D:
  5. Infinite timer inside onVehicleEnter

    I fixed everything just adding another table for the check Server local wayfarerenginestate = {} local wayfarerenginestate = {} function checkwayfarerenginestate (vehicle, vehicleid) if getVehicleEngineState( vehicle ) == true and wayfarerenginestate[vehicleid] == 0 then triggerClientEvent( "wayfarersoundcevent", resourceRoot, vehicle, vehicleid) wayfarerenginestate[vehicleid] = 1 elseif getVehicleEngineState( vehicle ) == false and wayfarerenginestate[vehicleid] == 1 then triggerClientEvent( "wayfarersounddcevent", resourceRoot, vehicleid) wayfarerenginestate[vehicleid] = 0 end end
  6. So, i have a problem, im making a script for replacing sounds of cars, the first car i enter works nice, when i change engine state the sound goes off and on but when left a car on with the replaced sound and try to enter to another car and start the engine, it plays the sound on the last car, so if you do this with more cars, the first car plays a lot of sounds. Sorry my english is a bit :~ty cause im spanish. Heres some lua code, server side local wayfarerenginestate = 0 local timerwayfarersound = {} function OnEnterVehicle ( thePlayer, seat, jacked ) if getElementModel( source ) == 586 then local texture2 local sourcetxt = tostring(source) if string.match(sourcetxt, " ") then local extracted = sourcetxt:match("% .+") texture2 = extracted:gsub("% ","") end outputChatBox( texture2 ) if getElementData( source, "timer") == false then outputChatBox ( "Timer started", thePlayer ) timerwayfarersound[texture2] = setTimer( checkwayfarerenginestate, 500, 0, source, texture2 ) setElementData( source, "timer", true) end end end addEventHandler ( "onVehicleEnter", getRootElement(), OnEnterVehicle ) function checkwayfarerenginestate (source, texture2) if getVehicleEngineState( source ) == true and wayfarerenginestate == 0 then triggerClientEvent( "wayfarersoundcevent", resourceRoot, source, texture2) wayfarerenginestate = 1 elseif getVehicleEngineState( source ) == false and wayfarerenginestate == 1 then triggerClientEvent( "wayfarersounddcevent", resourceRoot, texture2) wayfarerenginestate = 0 end end Client side: local wayfarerenginestate = 0 local wayfarersound = {} function wayfarersoundf ( veh, texture2 ) local x, y, z = getElementPosition( veh ) wayfarersound[texture2] = playSound3D( "sounds/wayfarersound.mp3", x, y, z, true ) setSoundVolume( wayfarersound[texture2], 0.45 ) setSoundMaxDistance( wayfarersound[texture2], 100 ) attachElements( wayfarersound[texture2], veh) end addEvent( "wayfarersoundcevent", true ) addEventHandler( "wayfarersoundcevent", resourceRoot, wayfarersoundf ) function wayfarersounddf (texture2) destroyElement( wayfarersound[texture2] ) end addEvent( "wayfarersounddcevent", true ) addEventHandler( "wayfarersounddcevent", resourceRoot, wayfarersounddf ) What is the problem? Which 1 vehicle it works nice but, which more than 1 it bugs
  7. Visualizaciones

    Es posible recrear esto pero con shaders en una pared por ejemplo? Estaría muy bueno
  8. Hello, i need help i tried to attach a 3d sound to a slothbot ped but it doesn't work, the ped works nice and everything but the sound is not attached to him. Server side script: triggerClientEvent ( "JasonSoundClientEvent", root, jasonbot ) Client side script: addEvent("JasonSoundClientEvent", true) addEventHandler("JasonSoundClientEvent", root, function ( ped ) local jasonsound = playSound3D("sounds/jasonsound.mp3", -1633.8134765625, -2234.517578125, 31.4765625, true) setSoundMaxDistance( jasonsound, 50 ) setSoundEffectEnabled(jasonsound, echo, true) setSoundVolume(jasonsound, 1) attachElements(jasonsound, ped) end) Why it doesn't work? Nvm fixed lol i had AttachElements and is attachElements because A doesn't work xDDDD
  9. DayZ Admin Help

    Your welcome
  10. DayZ Admin Help

    I'm sorry me friend,to make a panel is imposible with to give items is possible use this: I am still trying to script a way to give out items by typing /give into the chatbox, but as long as I am not done with it, I might as well post a tutorial on how to give items without the script. It's, for the ones who are less fluent in english than others, with pictures. Let's start. 1) Open your admin control panel by pressing "p". Click the tab called "Resources". 2) You will find a little bar at the almost lower right corner. It's called "Execute Command" and is for advanced users only. This little bar will do the magic of giving items. 3) Click this bar. The red sentence should disappear now, and instead, you will get a black bar at the left. 4) Now here is where the magic begins: in order to give items, you have to write this into this bar: For those who can't load the image: setElementData(getPlayerFromName("") 5) Now type a comma after the last bracket and input this: For those who can't load the image: ,"item",value) 6) The whole command will look like this then: Code: [select] setElementData(getPlayerFromName(""),"item",value) 7) Now let's test out the magic. We want to give "Milk" to a player. Note how this player does not have milk in his inventory: 8 ) For easier reference, let's assume this player is called [TWD]L. You can, of course, insert any name, but here's the tricky part: YOU HAVE TO INPUT THE EXACT NAME THE PLAYER APPEARS WITH. If the player is called "Jumpman23", you have to input this: Code: [select] setElementData(getPlayerFromName("Jumpman23"),"Milk",1) If the player is called L, insert "L" as a name. YOU MUST INPUT THE EXACT NAME. You might have to temporary change the player's name to give out items: 9) Once you typed the necessary data, you must press "Client" to execute the command: 10) If the command has successfully been executed, you will see a blue message stating "Command executed! Result: true" at the chatbox: If it didn't work, it will output either nothing or "false", in which case you have to recheck the command input again. 11) If it worked, and it should, the player, here [TWD]L, will have one milk in his inventory: 12) Now, what if the player already has an item, like a Sniper Rifle? 13) In this case, you have to input this: For those who can't see the image: Code: [select] setElementData(getPlayerFromName("[TWD]L"),"Sniper Rifle",2) 14) Again, once you are done with typing the command, press "Client" to execute: 15) If it worked, the chatbox should output the same blue message as in 10): 16)Let's check if the player has 2 Sniper Rifles now... A few notes: You must input the exact name of the player, otherwise, it won't work. You must input the exact name of the item, otherwise, the player won't get anything, but the chatbox will still output the blue message. You must put the name and the item into quotation marks (" "), otherwise, it won't output anything and the player won't receive anything. If the player already has the item you want to give him, you have to go one value up to give him the item: if he has 1 milk, you have to type 2 at the end of the command, if he has 2, you have to input 3 etc. Typing in less than the player has will result in a loss of the item by the number you typed in. 3 milks will become 2 if you typed in 2, 2 milks will become 1 if you typed in 1 etc. It does not really matter if you press "Client" or "Server", as the item will be given anyway, but you are on the safe side if you press "Client". Players can still receive items even if their backpack is full. However, this could be considered abuse and/or duping. No, you don't need "DayZGiveEnabler" to give items. That's the script which allows to type /give to give items. You can still give items even if you don't have it.
  11. Help Vortex

    the vortex server no found look The server's security certificate is revoked. why?