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  1. I've imported it in 3dsMax and then edited as always . The vertices are on the right places .. I've tried to import the unmodded object and it was exacly on the same position (with all the vertices and stuff) .. //EDIT Ok it is the model .. but I don't understand how the model could be fucked up so hard and moved to another place ?? now should I really adjust the model to fit it in the right place ? this might take hours //Edit 2 Okay it was definetly a modeling failure... I've attached the whole thing to a pillar and not the pillar to the main ... Thats why the center moved .. you
  2. Ye the LOD is removed and there is the main high detailed object .. but well as you see it "moves" away and is wrong palced .. else it would work .. Could you try to remove it with a script ? Maybe I did something wrong .. Just remove it so there is a hole in the world at this spot. If you have time ofc.
  3. As you see I've only removed the object.. (at least tried it..) I don't even know if it has a LOD..
  4. I've tried.. removeWorldModel (6944, 1000, 2834.6896972656, 2502.234375, 15.611503601074, 0) but well... the object isn't even deleted when I try this...
  5. The object I've created doesn't have the same coordinates as the GTA World object itself .. I've adjusted my object as close as I could to the original object.. I've tried several ways to get the created object streamed in .. the model replaces .. but as you see on the second screen the main object moves back .. Is there something I could do wrong ? I guess not ..
  6. Crystal, when i try your method then both of the objects are streamed in and visible .. the main building is also off setted and the whole thing is weirdly placed.. Are there also more possibilities to solve the replacement ? By "weirdly placed" i mean this : As long as you are at a specific distance it streams allright http://i.imgur.com/r39PlhN.jpg But after you approached it some more the building of the gta world moves itself away.. http://i.imgur.com/MJqUgbc.jpg Dafuq is MTA doing ???
  7. That's the same what I've done but not that compact as mine.. Eventhough I've tried it , it doesn't work.
  8. I've tried but had no success.. That's my code function dfftxd () engineReplaceModel(engineLoadDFF("vgnshopnmall02.dff", 6944), 6944) engineImportTXD(engineLoadTXD ("vgnshopnmall.txd"), 6944) engineReplaceCOL(engineLoadCOL ("vgnshopnmall.col"), 6944 ) end addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), dfftxd ) -meta- <meta> <info author="Sonix" type="script" name="TestScript" description="banana" /> <script src="server.lua" type="server" /> <script src="client.lua" type="client" />
  9. Hello dear community, I have a problem with replacing one of the world models with my custom model which I've edited in 3dsMax. I wanted to start making a mall but then I noticed that my custom model isn't replaced with the existing world model. When I start my resource to replace it the object blurs out for a sec and fades back to it's normal state. There are no errors, nothing. http://i.imgur.com/6984rRR.jpg Then I accidently copied the object and on it there was my custom model! http://i.imgur.com/MfOAS2g.jpg As you can see the copied object has my model but the object which is in th
  10. function dfftxd () rockdff = engineLoadDFF("bottle_bank.dff", 0) engineReplaceModel(rockdff, 2923) rocktxd = engineLoadTXD("bottle_bank.txd") engineImportTXD(rocktxd, 2923) end addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), dfftxd ) -meta-
  11. Didn't help.. I've changed the names of both of the windows to "gem" and exported the .dff to my resource .. still didn't work
  12. Hello dear community. I am tortured by a problem which makes me insane for days now. I have watchen over 50 tutorials for modelling and the problem with no texture still appears... The whole modelled object is white. http://i.imgur.com/SjVLN.png I've used the bottle_bank as an object to be replaced.. This is how my 3dsMax Material looks like: http://i.imgur.com/6vFzV.png And this one is the TXDWorkshop file, which seems allright to me.. http://i.imgur.com/A79dS.png Then I load both with a script and the object's model changes and the texture vanishes.. There are no debug messages,
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