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  1. Windows 98 is like 10000 times better than xp 98 never game me a single BSOD, only crashed cos of something I did, (e.g got trigger happy with ctrl alt del) xp crashes like every 20 seconds, I use dual boot program to use xp when I play games cos games seem to run better on xp but by the time I start playing it either crashes or bsod rears its ugly head
  2. Yea I bet it was scary, A mad angry Scottish heavy Metal Singin Robber in a Kilt with his arse crack showing, Hey Sort of sums up the crazy Scottish (english lesson) Teacher I used to have in year 8 at school
  3. lol so at least a few people get to see vicezilla lol thats my pet name for the one on my game
  4. ah ok then I wish That was a real selectable char, id pic it and its 4 arms and legs and scare the "How do I start the game" n00bs away
  5. hehe lol found a bug, some guy joined the game and a little while after I died and I saw that one of the Chars was "deformed" this is what it looked like
  6. ah so its a common problem then? lol
  7. hey, Just been Playing MTA 0.2, Its well smart, anyways, if im on a laggy server and I get disconnected the MTA client doesnt disconnect me it just closes MTA and I have no idea that its closed until I see no one talking or moving, another one is that when im on a normal server, e.g a private one for me an my m8 (both on 1mg connections) sometimes our MTA's Just Close and there is no lag at all, last night I was the server and I joined my own game and so did my m8 and we both had pings about 70 - 110 Tops (while using MSN voice chat)
  8. Mine Did this 2, On a clean install, It took me 2 reinstalls until it worked. oh btw I dont think its owt to do with skins cos U cant use custom skins in MTA. u will need to reinstall it probably, Just go get the cd's or if ur m8 wont give u them download the isos (I know not to be discussed on here but he has the orignal and ur allowed to make 1 backup copy and so that is practically what he wud be doing) Please dont ban me *cowers in a corner with a white flag*
  9. It will work as far back as you want as long as all the files are availible and it dont erase all ur crap and pr0n uve downloaded, lol, but if it cant find all the files needed. drivers etc ull get an error and back to square one, Just keep making a restore point. but windows xp auto makes one when u install something like windows media player, so if u a complete half with just update that every 30 days lol
  10. Me and mah cal n m8 use msn voice becuz were always on it like allday and we just forget to turn it off and it dont lag at all and we only play in private servers. speakin of private if anyone joins a game called BMS slash he isnt a real BMS he just put his name like that to get in our private game
  11. I think one of the funniest things that happened was mah m8 jumped off a packer at ocean beach and flew over everywhere (over police station) and hit the bridge at the other side and his bike flew off (set on fire). I was on the other side waitin for him to land near me and we both recorded the VID using Fraps and where his film drisfts off mine carries on and it shows what the bike did after it flew away on fire (it hit me around the head) and yea if U wanna watch it its Right Click me and save as! or http://stonedjedi.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ ... 0angle.wmv yea on the part near the end it dr
  12. I had this problem and I tried turnin off hibernation, no luck so What I did was to use windows xp System restore and Set it back to the day before I pressed Windows key + u +shift + h or whatever it is lol and it fixed it. Jst in case anyone else cudnt get it fixed
  13. Yea I know suicide isnt fun but MTA gave us grenades! USE THEM! kill urself dont wait 4 uta ppl
  14. oh and thanks iggy248 for the link to make the pic show
  15. another blank "void" part of the map, this is like the gun range at ammunation, except this time its on the easter egg part of the game "apartment 3c" you know the apartment with blood all over the walls from the movie scarface or summot, anyway you can go inside and get the chainsaw (yeah non of my m8s knew u cud get it in MTA) and I was slicin em 2 bits, just cant see the apartment thats all, not a problem, Id just like to see it becuz you have to walk around invisible walls to get the chainsaw and sometimes it takes a good minute or so, Keep up the good work
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