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    hello someone copying my server's name my server ip: fake server ip: My server picture: Fake server picture: hope you deal with it
  2. thanks karim ... i figured out another way ... that i added removeEventHandler in the event 'onClientFileDownloadComplete' cause as i can see that event will not stop even if the file has been already downloaded so .. the only one who stops if the file has downloaded is .. downloadFile .. so i put it in that event so if the file has been completed ... the dx should be removed .. so yea .. thank you all ..
  3. that's good .. but the problem is .. when he quits and join again .. that dx will show to him again .. so this is the problem .. i don't want it to show up any more .. after the file has been already downloaded ..
  4. i know that ... but you didn't understand me .. here is the code: addEventHandler ("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function () setTimer (function () for _,v in ipairs (modelTable) do downloadFile (v[1]) Downloading [v[1]] = true if not isEventAdded then addEventHandler ("onClientRender", root, download) end end end, 1000, 1) end ) you got what i mean now ? i mean like when the resource start the dx .. shows up everytime even if the files
  5. hello guys .. is there any possible way to know if the file has been already downloaded or not ? cause i want to check so that the file not to be downloaded any more .. so if this possible can someone tell me how ? .. thanks
  6. hello everyone, i have this problem which is the first time it happened to me when i use this code: local timers = { } local created = false addCommandHandler ("cre", function () if created == true then return end local x,y,z = getElementPosition (localPlayer) local obj = createObject (3095, x,y,z-1) created = true local timer = setTimer (function () moveObject (obj, 2000, x,y,z+10) end, 1000, 5) table.insert (timers, timer) end ) addEventHandler ("onClientPlayerWasted", localPlayer, function ()
  7. i want it for a specific markers not for every marker .. only what i create .. and i don't want to use 'resourceRoot'
  8. i meant like there is an event 'onMarkerHit' in the script, and i want it to work with every marker i create by this command 'marker' like i put an event in the server side ok ? i want it like when i create new marker while i'm in the server this marker will work with the event 'onMarkerHit' that i put in the script before now clear ?
  9. do it in server side
  10. you can't warp into vehicle in the client side.
  11. hello, how can i do like, one event for maybe 2 markers or more i want to do it like when i create new marker in the server the event in the server will work with it. i mean if i puted like this: addCommandHandler ("marker", function (plr) createMarker (1, 1, 1, "cylinder", 2, 255, 0, 0) end ) i want to do it like when i create the marker the event will work with it .. i know this way 'resourceRoot' i wnat another way to do it .. and thank you.
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