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    But pls 50p! Make for only some! pls so much!
  2. Yahh... THX ALL but i need a scripter for FREE
  3. Hy! Come to the best MTA play server! The ip is, but you can found the server in browse with the name RapperX Sprayroam! We have nice admins! A lot of scripts! You don't need to wait a long time to load the server! Screenshots:
  4. baricz1


    So 50p... Can u make for me some scripts? I make u admin on my server! My skype:baricz.zoltan19 Yahoo:baricz_zoltan@yahoo.com Gmail: z.baricz@gmail.com Sorry for bad english!
  5. Hy! I want a scripter to my mta server! I want to make server for RGP but i need a scripet. So who can help me! I give admin for he/she! PS. Sorry for my bad english!
  6. baricz1


    Where can i found them? The scripters....
  7. baricz1


    Who can help me to make or give me some scripts? (ple free)
  8. baricz1


    Hi! I have a problem! I start my modloader with cars (alpha) and is not function! When i start it on console the console say! INFO:It seems you use the default resource name for Modloader INFO:It's reccomenaded to change tha name to something unique. INFO:Please read the readme for more informarion. INFO:Added file entry for vechicles:alpha-vehicles/alpha.txd INFO:Added file entry for vechicles:alpha-vehicles/alpha.dff INFO:New mods saved.Restarting the resource.. INFO:Modloader has no permission to restart the resource! Instead, do it manually or add this resource to the ACL What i
  9. baricz1


    Hello! I want a script which open and colse a base gate but only open peoples who is in a "PRO"Clan or other! Exemple:/progate1 /progate2 When a "SR" people write /progate1 or 2 the gate no open! The gate open only for PRO or the Team for GATE! P.S.: Sorry for my bad english!
  10. Hello everybody! I need a script for my MTA server! I need a script whic allow to lean out of car when pressing right mouse click! PLS I NEEEEEEEEED HELP!
  11. OH THX! And can you help me to not allow the 2 rocket lauchers hydra rhino minigun and hunter? I have a script but when the player take them console kick him! I want a script which no kick players when players click to add the item or create in chat say "This thing is not allowed!"
  12. Hey everybody i'm donwloaded a script! (http://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... ils&id=720) And this script conatains all weapons, all vehicles and all skills! How can i made it to contain only: at weapons: the 2 rocket lauchers at vehicles: hydra and hunter at skills is all ok! PLS HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
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