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  1. Try this local sW, sH = guiGetScreenSize() local startTick local fadeTime = 1000 local started = false function start() startTick = getTickCount() + fadeTime started = true end addCommandHandler("Sfade", start) function render() if started then local progress = (fadeTime-(startTick-getTickCount()))/fadeTime local a = interpolateBetween(255, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, progress, "Linear") dxDrawRectangle(0, 0, sW, 30, tocolor(55, 180, 0, a)) if a == 0 then started = false startTick = nil end else dxDrawRectangle(0, 0, sW, 30, tocolor(55, 180, 0, 255)) end end addEventHandler("
  2. That CRP is not mine. This project was long gone down the drain by the end of 2013.
  3. On our server currently, we're implementing world interiors by replacing objects. But we're also replacing stuff. This would allow us to add objects to our server without the worry of something bugging up. This would also give us the opportunity to stop replacing objects and add them instead.
  4. You radar have blips&radarareas support? Yes, but i'm not sharing my radar with public (sorry), I have other plans for it.
  5. Here is a GTA V like Radar I made. (Screens Only)
  6. This topic helped a lot, thanks
  7. I am working on this 'Duel Character' System and I managed to make it load from the players account but when I make switch characters it doesn't save anything. How the system works is that you have your default login but on mine it will also pop-up which one of your characters you want to play as. Duel Character Switcher Client Side Character Switcher local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() local localPlayer = getLocalPlayer() local getProtagonist = getElementData( localPlayer, "selectedProtagonist") local charOption char2 = guiCreateStaticImage((screenW - 144) / 1.8169, (s
  8. On SMF I am trying to use the GameQuery but I only get the 'Server offline' instead of the data. <?php require_once ('GameQ/GameQ.php'); //class $server['mtasa'] = array ('mtasa', '', 22003+123); //ip & port $query = new GameQ; $query -> addServers ($server); $data = $query->requestData(); foreach ($server AS $server_id => $values) { $info = $data[$server_id]; if (!$info["servername"]) { echo 'Server Offline'; } else { echo "Server name: "; echo $info
  9. Requesting a Server Blacklist. IP: Reason: Stole my scripts from IP: (My actual server) and they are using my scripts to make another server that is unofficial and I want it blocked so people who actually want to go on my server can see the real deal and not a phony non-scripter( or copyers) stolen work from me.
  10. I'm probably writing in the wrong board (sorry) but is it possible to request a server to be blacklisted from the Server Browser if its possible?
  11. The links are dead, could you provide new links please?
  12. WIP: CRP:RPG - The Place Where Free Speech Really Exists The resource This resource is another Role Playing Game. The gamemode used in this server is JasperNLs J-RPG with some modifications to fit the CRP Server Features Login system (100%) Car shop (100%) Weapon shop (100%) Stats System (50%) Team System (100%) Base + Gate System (78%) Travel System (100%) VIP System (100%) Phone System (0%) Gamemode(100%) More features coming soon! Screenshots Do you have any questions relating to my modified version of JasperNLs gamemode? Feel free to PM me.
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