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  1. I just found this function for c# on the internet. I translated it to lua function calculateDifferenceBetweenAngles(firstAngle, secondAngle) difference = secondAngle - firstAngle; while (difference < -180) do difference = difference + 360 end while (difference > 180) do difference = difference - 360 end return difference end It works.
  2. I dont want the object to look towards the waypoint. I want it to move to the waypoint and to slowly rotate to the rotation of the waypoint so that rx = rxx, ry = ryy, rz = rzz I don't know how sin cos and rad could help me here...
  3. Hello, I have a problem with moveObject. The method only uses relative rotation. I have made a xml file with waypoints and these waypoints have the x, y, z coordinates and the absolute rotation. So now i have to calculate the relative rotation between my object and the waypoint. I came up with this idea: rx, ry, rz = rotation of the waypoint rxx, ryy, rzz = rotation of the object relative rotation = rx - rxx, ry - ryy, rz - rzz This is no code its just the math. But the problem is that if the Y rotation of the waypoint is 359° and the Y rotation of the object is 0° it won't rol
  4. No everything is on 100%
  5. Hello, I have enabled the voice chat on my MTA 1.4 server to try it out. But there is one problem: I can hear my friend but my friend can't hear me. We are both in the same channel, we are both not muted and we are both in the Admin ACL group. Do you know what causes this problem?
  6. Rotti

    Police /tie

    Thanks it worked! yes i'Ve defined the team variables
  7. Rotti

    Police /tie

    thats the problem. There must be some other ways
  8. Rotti

    Police /tie

    so that his key to exit the car is unbound? But maybe he has changed the key in the settings that he exits the car with O and not with enter or e
  9. Rotti

    Police /tie

    Hello, I'm scripting my police fraction at the moment. I wanted to make a /tie command so that the police can shakle the player on the back seat, so that he can't get out of the car. I've tried it with this code: function fesseln(player) outputChatBox("Gefangener im Auto gefesselt",player, 255, 255, 0) local playerTeam = getPlayerTeam ( player ) if (playerTeam == Polizei or playerTeam == FBI or PlayerTeam == Army) then if isPedInVehicle(player) == true then vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(player) if ( policeVehicles[getElementModel ( vehicl
  10. Thank you for your help it worked but if i reconnect i can't lock the vehicle again... So if the vehicle is unlocked, i reconnect and try to lock it it doesn't locks I hope that you understand it
  11. so simply setElementData(Perennial, "owner", player) ???
  12. Ok can you explain how to get the userdata? ive nver worked with user data
  13. Can you say exactly what the error is? I have already fixed the in the setElementData
  14. do you mean this text with img src and so on? thats only on this website not in the script and i can't delete it...
  15. I have already posted the code at the top
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