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  1. Compa


    "makes the bot follow a teammate bot or player"
  2. Compa

    Problem SQL

    yes Post your connection with your password hidden.
  3. Compa

    Problem SQL

    function setTurfColor ( turfID, r, g, b ) if ( not doesTurfExist ( turfID ) ) then return false, "This turf does not exists." end local handler = connection if ( not handler ) then return false, "Couldn't connect to SQLite database." end return dbExec( handler, "UPDATE turfs SET turfColorR = '".. tostring ( r ) .."', turfColorG = '".. tostring ( g ) .."', turfColorB = '".. tostring ( b ) .."' WHERE turf = '" .. tostring ( turfID ) .."'" ) end
  4. Compa

    Problem SQL

    You have 2 times the same column like the error said. You have turfID (integer) and turfid (text). You have to change the name of one of those 2. May i ask why you want to store a integer version and a text version of the id? The integer version is enough.
  5. Nice snippet. It's working perfect.
  6. Going to migrate a database, building a custom register/login system.
  7. Ye, but the MTA passwords are using a salt too. if you have password "123456" sha256("123456") will return another hash then stored in the database.
  8. Thought that too. Just found this: Changed account passwords to use salted sha256 https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Changes_in_1.3.2 Now i need to find out which salt it's using.
  9. Does anyone know how MTA encrypts passwords? From what i knew it was SHA256. But the hashes in our database aren't the same as SHA256. Server is currently running on 1.3.4
  10. Is sha256 default for password encryption in future versions of MTA? Yes, it's used from ver 1.3.1 r4828 I'm currently using 1.3.1., my version is using md5. Would it lead to problems if i update to 1.3.2? Am i getting a mix of password encryptions?
  11. Is sha256 default for password encryption in future versions of MTA?
  12. Hi, Does anyone know how mta encrypts passwords? I can't find anything about it on the forum. I need to make the same encryption in PHP.
  13. Hey! Does any know if there is a function to change map settings when the map starts? Like the respawn and the duration of the map. It's for race/derby maps. I have been searching on the mta wiki page, but i couldn't find any function.
  14. Compa

    Disable pickups

    Thanks for helping Solidsnake! Top scripter! @Mr.alm he already made a function for me.
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