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  1. Hey all. Today i made a local server while opening my ports so i can play with my friends.I played and it was nice.Now it wasn`t logging in because of freeoram resource,so i deleted it.Now it won`t show the screen.It`s all BLACK. I want to ask you people send me the resource of freeoram if you can.Thank you
  2. Hello all I think all of you saw this script which allows you to create job marker: viewtopic.php?f=108&t=50510 I downloaded it and it works thanks to Sebbe.But now i need to create markers for vehicles.Anyone have idea how to do it? I really need it if you know how to create marker for vehicle,Not job please post here. Thanks
  3. Where to write textCreateTextItem ? i deleted outputChatBox and writed textCreateTextItem it won`t work.
  4. That`s what i need.I want that [CSR]TheMaster logged in thing in right down of my screen.So everyone can see it there
  5. Wait,i will post a SS now so you can understand me.
  6. Hey all I created a local server to play with my friends there also i want to make it as good as i can.So i downloaded a lots of scripts but i need help with 1 script. I need help with loggedadmin script.Script wich shows the staff/admin when he logs in.So it shows it at the chatbox but i want in the right down of the screen.I tried some things but it wont work. function login() if isObjectInACLGroup("user." .. getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(source)), aclGetGroup("Big.Admin")) then outbutChatbox("* #000000[ #C11B17Head Admin #000000] #ff0000" .. getPlayerName(source) .. "#000000, #0
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