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  1. bro . reinstall server...
  2. can you add my skype? :=> metin.white
  3. i'm trying that but don't function.. is problem with /,< ?
  4. Hi guys , i have an problem with meta... i renamed race2 - to race and when i restart server the race not start... i think meta have an problem. --meta.xml
  5. bro , stop post only for make posts! Here i need help Anf crystal , can you contact me via skype? ( metin.white ) or you give me your skype?
  6. Please help me: Problem: i dont understand anything , but in 681 , 694 line no any table .. ts only " executeSQLQuery( cmd )" not what is problem racevoting_server
  7. add my skype: i'm trying to make it...= SKYPE: metin.white
  8. Hello, I want to know an script when in shooter/dd/hunter say "You killed by.." and "You killed..." TY
  9. i added first quote to my destructionderby... but not function... what overwrite ?? -- if i add quote #1 and #2 to my destructionderby... not loading maps..
  10. edit mods/destructionderby.lua
  11. bro , i have other race where function... perfectly.. And ... if i replace destructionderby.lua with that .. no function rankingboard and others.. -- destructionderby.lua (where function podium)
  12. Hi all, I have "NeS's Custom Winner Screen" by Itoko What need to modify in modes/Destructionderby.lua to function? -- destructionderby.lua
  13. thanks bro, but error not solved ... only reduces at 2-3 times...
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