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  1. Worked like an absolute -charm-!!! Thank you so very much for the help , you can go ahead and close this if you want to.
  2. Hello everybody! I've gotten a server through OG servers running and working just fine, and I've even opted for their "FastDL" which is a glorified external HTTP webserver for downloading resources. Thing is, I've copied the contents of my http-client-files properly over to the external server, and have (to my knowledge) setup the mtaserver.conf properly, but whenever players connect, after they finish their download, it forces them to immediately reconnect and spews off messages similar to this in the chat, usually twice at once: "[e]Shreddy: External HTTP server file mismatch (votemanager) v
  3. Admittance to guilt is always hilarious. But, agreed, uhm. This means absolutely nothing and doesn't benefit anybody by existing - beyond the fact of someone trying to hurt our server's reputation. We've already tried the 'parting ways' strategy, didn't work, so he made this thread. Either way, I won't be checking this anymore; especially considering that he's admitted to his guilt more than once in this thread alone (watch out for those damned 'Edited by's! he likes to do that on Skype, aswell). Combined with the fact that I have witnesses/screenshots/multiple other factors of proof to nulli
  4. General IP Information IP: Decimal: 2044267988 Hostname: cpe-121-217-13-212.lnse1.cht.bigpond.net.au ISP: Telstra Internet Organization: Telstra Internet Services: None detected Type: Broadband Assignment: Static IP Blacklist: Geolocation Information Country: Australia au flag State/Region: New South Wales City: Sydney Latitude: -33.8615 (33° 51′ 41.40″ S) Longitude: 151.2055 (151° 12′ 19.80″ E) Yeah, totally not you. Lol. I'm going to be implementing a script that bans the serial of -anybody- that mentions 'Guthix' or 'XDM'. So continue your spam escapades
  5. In reference, or backing up this claim, here's my very first thread, dated Wed Jan 09, 2013 7:03 pm. viewtopic.php?f=91&t=52602 ^ This was the preface of what happened. We gave Toff a couple of more chances to stop being 'trigger happy' as previously aforementioned, and he didn't stop. First, we demoted his mod. Second, he started advertising his server and stealing players/abusing anybody he could from ours - So we banned him from the server/forum, and now he makes this thread. We've been custom-scripting our stuff since the server came up in early November. We also have many witnesses
  6. It's kind of hard to steal things that KenXeiko wrote for us specifically, and/or resources that are available publicly via http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources. What kind of person would go on the internet to tell lies!?
  7. Cheers, thanks for the advice/responses, guys! Would any of you any helpful suggestions that'd point me in the right direction for learning beginners' .lua scripting?
  8. Hey guys, first post here. I co-own a drifting server (proDRIFT) with a couple of friends of mine, and we were wondering.. Is there any possible way you can write a script that disables the banning OF certain users? Some of our admins are trigger happy, and to be banninated while editing a script is pretty annoying. Just looking to create an ACL in which the user.'s thereof, can't be banned by any sort of Admin/other ACL. Thank you for reading! Very resourceful forum, hope to talk to y'all soon
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