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  1. If you want the bus to not interfere with other players at all and not be seen by them, your best bet is to just spawn the bus client-side, and a ped-clone of the player. Have this ped play the animation of entering the bus, preferably have the ped attached to the bus at the right offset to ensure that the animation will play in the right place all the time. Then, at the right time, have the ped warpPedIntoVehicle, or just destroy/place them away from the screen. The client-side bus can have another ped to be it's driver, and you can use setPedControlState to have the bus accelerate as the cam
  2. You'll need to use addEventHandler for onClientGUIClick both the deposit and withdraw buttons. You'll want the handler functions each to call triggerServerEvent which would inform the server that a client wants to deposit or withdraw and the amount. Each of those events should also block both buttons from being pressed again until the balance updates. You also want to addEvent and addEventHandler for an event with a balance update from the server, and this event's handler function should update the displayed clan balance text label, and enable the deposit and withdraw buttons, which we previou
  3. Your problem is that the function getResponsiveSize isn't defined.
  4. You likely won't be able to intercept these messages as MTA's network communication is encrypted Server_mtaserver.conf#networkencryption and the ability to disable it was removed in commit 4e89dd81e0914a30688941768c0c3dfe104727f4 over 5 years ago. The actual encryption of network communications happens within the closed-source net.dll file. Even if you were to manage to decrypt somehow, you'd still need to copy and keep up-to-date headers for the packets (Packets.h and packetenums.h and additionally most, if not all, external dependencies those files have), as the packets aren't named in
  5. When creating a browser you need to specify 'true' for the isLocal parameter to be able to load local files.
  6. This event is used by the files mapEditorScriptingExtension_c.Lua and mapEditorScriptingExtension_s.Lua in map resources. Perhaps you've accidentally removed the server (the one ending with _s.Lua) script from the meta.xml and hence the error arose.
  7. You haven't explained what the issue is, but I'm going to guess that the resource simply doesn't turn on when you type /res, and that is likely because you haven't given this resource (the one with this code snippet) ACL permission to function.startResource.
  8. You could create a PHP app that connects to the MTA server through the MTA SDK, letting a user log in using an internal MTA account, and then allow the user to link that account to Discord by using a Discord OAuth2 app that requests permission to the 'identity' scope and then requests and collects the discord account's snowflake ID and passes it onto MTA through the SDK. The OAuth2 app would also be able to collect this information but the email would only be filled if the 'email' scope was also requested.
  9. Addlibs

    Mods Loading

    Have you tried engineSetAsynchronousLoading? That will make mods load in their own time instead of freezing the whole client to load before continuing. Of course this means mod loading will be slower, but it won't freeze the client.
  10. getRealTime returns the hour in 24-hour format, from 0 to 23
  11. Alternatively (a simpler solution that doesn't require tracking loaded players) you can simply have the server tell the client the list of peds to mute when the client is ready and asks for it. That is, [client] -> onClientResurceStart -> triggerServerEvent informing server that client is ready -> [server] -> triggerClientEvent with list of zombies -> [client] -> setPedVoice for each zombie received. This fixes zombies not being muted if the event was received before the client was ready, but it won't suppress the warnings about sending events before the client is ready - for
  12. I'm not sure but I never had problems with conversions from .map to Lua code which is what I used it for mostly
  13. Well that's why the error pops up. You cannot compare an undefined values. You need to define everyZombie and newZombieLimit at the top (or another appropriate place) of the script. everyZombie = {} -- no (empty table) zombies at beginning newZombieLimit = 100 -- or some other value
  14. Is everyZombie and newZombieLimit defined anywhere?
  15. Perhaps you're looking for something like http://gtamap.delux-host.com/converter/. You can convert from a lot of different formats into MTA Lua code or .map XML
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