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  1. Eimas

    Problem with server

    I just instal mta server in other directory and now it works! ty dude
  2. Eimas

    Problem with server

    i try fix it easy way, same problem...
  3. Eimas

    Problem with server

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. Eimas

    Problem with server

  5. Eimas

    Problem with server

    Here is my problem viewtopic.php?f=94&t=52212&start=15 when i open MTA server.exe and try connect to my server i cant connect, becouse connection time out. And i didint see my server in server browser. Any idea?
  6. maybe because, you've downloaded old version of gta san andreas. just go to shop and buy a gta san andreas cd, its simple. ( or just don't use map editor) btw map editor worked before ? if worked, then did you modify anything in after gta sa ? Its works. I have 1 years mta break, before all waorks fine, but now when i start play mta again map editor doesnt work. No i dont use any mod. When i play mta before i use win 7, when i stop play i use win 8, then i try to play mta with win 8 but someting was wrong, then i install win7 and i cant open map editor. So idk where is problem, but all fil
  7. But i didint see point to download it, becouse all file is here. I dont understand why this program says missing file if it didint.
  8. What ? before downloading gta sa, mta works ? mta sa is a mod for gta sa so without gta sa, mta won't work. (please brief clearly. Thats the problem, buy new cd. 99% downloadable gta sa versions will not work. (from my view) Dude, i say again, before from this GTA sa.ISO file gta works fine. Mta map editor works fine.... One more. I checked or files are missing. result: Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  9. I do it! But same s h i t. Thas mean that cd did'nt have all files. go to shop from where you brought cd, and slap the shop keeper and take your money then go to another shop and buy new cd and install. Before from this file gta sa and mta works fine. And i didint buy it, i just download it
  10. I do it! But same s h i t.
  11. Missing GTA file: \data\Decision\Allowed\m_tough.ped Missing GTA file: \data\Decision\Allowed\m_weak.ped Missing GTA file: \data\Decision\Allowed\RANDOM.grp Missing GTA file: \data\Decision\Allowed\RANDOM.ped Missing GTA file: \data\Decision\Allowed\RANDOM2.grp Missing GTA file: \data\Decision\Allowed\R_Norm.ped Missing GTA file: \data\Decision\Allowed\R_Tough.ped Missing GTA file: \data\Decision\Allowed\R_Weak.ped Missing GTA file: \data\Decision\andyd\ADgrp.grp Missing GTA file: \data\Decision\andyd\ADtemp.ped Missing GTA file: \data\Decision\chris\maf5.ped Missing GTA file: \data
  12. and what mtadaig says again ? Maybe that gta sa version is old, buy new gta san andreas and try again. says same s h i t. Before with this gta sa version all works fine.
  13. MTADiag says: your GTA insallation is missing one or more files. Please reinstall GTA and see if MTA works the. I reinstall it, but problem same...
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