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  1. These are body parts, not clothes! I tried to replace them, they replace the whole body part ( cloth, nick, arms and everything in that part ) I just want to replace the cloth, not the whole part!
  2. Hello everybody, I use shaders to replace vehicles and objects textures for specific elements, it works fine. However, I want to replace texture of clothes for a specific ped or player, but I couldn't. I used the cloth texture name - example "tshirtwhite" - in shaders but it doesn't work. Do shaders work for clothes or not?? If they do, how can I use them?
  3. The problem is not solved !! Cadu12, I installed my server 1 week ago, it's a new version.
  4. Cadu12, I already installed a server and works fine. for the other url, it's a module, there is already a function ( dbConnect ), I don't have to install a new module!
  5. ok I will read them now...
  6. I don't know man, but I followed this topic here
  7. Where are you guys?! Some help here please.
  8. I don't know much in these stuff, but I installed apache2 if that what you mean.
  9. I tried too, same result. And I said up it's Debian 6 64-bit.
  10. Hello guys, I started a new project recently When I started using dbConnect with MySql, I couldn't connect to my db, after searching for days, I found that I have to use unix socket because I use a unix system ( Debian 6 64-bit ) this is my try db = dbConnect( "mysql", "dbname=Gold;host=localhost;port=3306;unix_socket=/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock", "root", "MyPass" ) error message dbConnect failed; Could not connect
  11. I really don't know much in these stuff, but what I know that I have to use require() to load the library but in debugscript 3 says that it's not safe. Do you have any idea what should I do now?
  12. Hi guys, I just want to ask about how to install lua libraries( ex: Socket Library ) in MTA to be able to use thier functions?
  13. Quiz

    A Question :)

    lol, this not a solution because I want to use moveObject on the main object to make both objects moving together. Another thing I want to mention it, If you attach an object to another (like my code), and then use moveObject to make the main object moving. If you were standing on the second one (the attached one), you would fall to the ground. You have to stand on the main object if you don't want to fall. Try it and you'll see.
  14. Quiz

    A Question :)

    Lol, please report it then, I don't know how I, and even everybody here, want a solution as soon as possible.
  15. Quiz

    A Question :)

    local object = createObject(8838,2490,-1670,13.9) local object1 = createObject(8838,2490,-1670,17.9) addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", getRootElement( ), function() attachElements (object1,object, 0, 5, 0 ) end) try to walk quickly on the first object, you'll see that you can. But you can't do the same thing with the second one.
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