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  1. Yea I think I get I will upload the code this evening when i'm on my PC @Sended on my friends PC
  2. Hallo ik wou vragen of iemand van jullie nog een "clean" GTA3 file heeft mijne is namelijk overmodded en ik ben mijn backup kwijt
  3. thank you i added it and it works
  4. local UtilityServiceCar = {} UtilityServiceCar[1] = createVehicle(482, -2080.7998046875, -168.599609375, 35.5, 0, 0, 180.24719238281, "Utility Service") -- Burrito hello everybody i wanted to ask how i can get 1 color for about 15 veh in a script this is one line of the script how can i add the color for the 15 vehicles in this?
  5. local sx, sy, sz = -1754.0609130859, 961.62359619141, 24.8828126 -- Original spawnpoint local rx, ry, rz = -1754.0609130859, 961.62359619141, 24.8828128 -- Respawnpoint so i got this in the script but when i log in i spawn on other places after i die again i spawn at a random place can anybody help me???
  6. als je nog altijd hulp zoekt moet je op google eens lua scripting tutorial opzoeken zo heb ik het ook gedaan en dan kan je proberen zelf scripts te maken uiteindelijk kan je dan al vrij veel om te beginnen daarna heb ik een voledig script voor teams en teams te joinen gemaakt zodat je skin wisseld je wapens krijgt enz. ook heb ik een pay en spray en een gate system. dus probeer gewoon wat en doe als er problemen zijn ingame /debug script hier zal je problemen kunnen zien zoals je bijvoorbeeld ergens een spatie ofzo nodig hebt, Als je dan nog problemen hebt post je script dan in het algemene sc
  7. vanboven op deze site zie je hosting staan natuurlijk moet je ervoor betalen maar dan is je server wel online ik ga in het kort ook mijn server via daar online zetten. Waarschijnlijk zal je dus je server online kunnen zetten via daar. MVG Jiirco owner of Flatline Gaming
  8. i readed them and i understand more now so thanks for that link
  9. yes it would be helpfull
  10. i mean like "area 51" in GTA SA map can i delete a fence or a tower from that somehow so the basic map and then delete someting. i know that it is possible but i don't know how
  11. i have one other little question can i delete things from the original map? i want to make a base with of course cars but there is a fence can i delete this somehow or not?
  12. srry for the late reaction but it works now really thanks xdstep
  13. Hello everybody i wanted to ask what illegal characters are in a script because the script won't work i try to find them but i don't really know what they are if you got time you can search for them it is a script from 2 weeks of work and 897 lines i've made it at a friends house and now i changed it from how i need it so i think i deleted something too much or so... so the main question is what are illegal characters? FraktionpanelOpen = 0 local blockFraklistSpam = 0 local frakPanelFraktion = false local frakPanelBlacklist = false FraktionpanelTab = {} FraktionpanelButton = {} Fra
  14. it is a selfmade map it always worked but now i didn't opened it for a while and it doesn't wants to open anymore now.
  15. hello to you all, when i am in my map editor i can open all maps except 1 just the one i need when i click open it doesn't do anything and when i click save then the editor says can't save when a map is being loaded or something like that can anybody help me please? p.s. i tried reinstalling a few times MTA and GTA and i still have this problem already thanks.
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