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  1. Isn't dumb, and it isn't stealing either. The idea is the same, that's true, but everyone wants such things. After all, as long the multigamemode doesn't look the same, it's not dumb..
  2. Hello, I own a server with a friend of mine called ReG already more then 5 months, just racing but we want to grow out. So, we bought vps from widevps, but we have no idea what to do. It's a windows server. So.. Some suggestions?
  3. Guess what, give your clanname and where it has to be locked on(acl). I will do it for you then.
  4. I can help you out but why don't you lock it on ACL? Cause if people will wear the tag(Even people who are not in gang) will be placed in the team automaticly.
  5. Roflmao, didnt knew it was yours . Well remove nametags, thats the reason.
  6. Oh now I understand what you mean, some scripts are blocking you so you cant get on the server. What you could do is asking them to remove those files
  7. Something's wrong in nametags.lua I guess.
  8. You could try this. onPlayerSpawnButton Then enable it, so ("onPlayerSpawnButton", true) If you want to let the player spawn: addEvent("onPlayerSpawnButton", true) addEventHandler("onPlayerSpawnButton", getRootElement(), playerSpawn) Add this in serverside.
  9. Haha aight, will visit it once when you're done
  10. As skipper said, you should change all aArea/aCuboid to pArea/pCuboid because the p gets the playerteam as it has a function in the script.
  11. Nevermind, I found it out why I was wrong.. I had to add this line; if getElementData(localPlayer,"class") == "Name" then Well thanks for helping me out
  12. Not working Cruz, but I wanted to know what Damien said. Thanks
  13. If not*, well thanks will try but it was ment on a class(from a spawnpanel), not team..
  14. Hello, I'm busy on a turfing system, credits to Manves turfingscripts which he sent on the mta community. Well, I got a spawnpanel and I would like to know how I could lock turf to a spawn. So that not everyone can turf but only people who are allowed to. In a summary; I wanna know how to lock turf to a spawn . Sincerely yours, Adistar
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