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  1. Mellnik


    Something like this function checkTransfer() if isTransferBoxActive() == false then -- put your downloadFile stuff here else setTimer(checkTransfer, 500, 1) end end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", getRootElement(), checkTransfer)
  2. Mellnik


    Yeah it is. The mta server has in inbuild http server to stream files.. This message you encountered is probably a bug since I've experienced the same.
  3. Oh woah! I'll get my Ollydbg out even tho I would contribute without wanting a reward.
  4. Mellnik


    Use this function introduced in v1.4. downloadFile Set download="false" for the skin files and as soon as the initial download is done use that function to download all skin files.
  5. Mellnik


    Yeah should work as long as the file is the in resource and the file path matches.
  6. @vx89 The command doesn't work properly. But my largest files are .txd texture files. (They are already compressed) @Controlled That's an option, true. But I'm still curious what ccw meant in his post.
  7. @Bonsai Why's that? @Et-win What's the difference between downloadFile fromv1.4? And how would I compress and extract it? @Controlled Yeah, saw that but it does not reduce the file size but rather download it in the background which would cause lag doesn't it?
  8. Hi I love the way how you can add mods to your MTA server. The only problem I encounter is the total size of the mods. I don't want players to download more than 70-100MB so I am asking if there are any tricks to reduce the download size. I have looked around and found this post by ccw (http://bugs.mtasa.com/view.php?id=5015) How can I do that? Does he mean to zip the mods and upload the an http server or something like gzip on nginx? Another small question. Do you think 70-100MB is too much for an average player to download? Seeing most other servers don't have more than ~40MB. Thanks.
  9. As I am pretty new here I dont understand the mechanics yet. I am wondering what the steps are to perform a proper connect and spawn of a player. Is this way correct? 1. Player joins and downloads all resources. 2. Player registers. 3. Player spawns. The thing is, how do I spawn a player to remove the black screen at the beginning?
  10. in the meta file: <script src="clientCommands.lua" type="client"/> my client command: function getSerial() local ser = getPlayerSerial() outputChatBox("Your serial is: "..tostring(ser)) end addCommandHandler("serial", getSerial, false) addCommandHandler("myserial", getSerial, false) I have tried everything but when I type /serial nothing happens.
  11. Because I wanted to link it with MySQL 5.5 rather than 5.1
  12. Mellnik, the thing is that it does not accept my password and the email recorvery somehow doesnt work either.
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