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  1. Well, after a long search i didn't find the female staff skin files (.txd and .dff) I'll be glad if someone give me download link
  2. mm, what's that means i'm not a scripter but, i'll try that !
  3. Hello MTA Community Members ! I searched for a weapons saving system in the community for a long time and i didn't find anything Lot of community members need this script for their server because they are not good enough to make one (like me ) So, i'm asking from one of you (scripters) to give me a working system that save the player weapons after he dies and when he reconnect Thanks for reading
  4. mta3 eserver ! sobou w 7elou.. taw tra menou Online Players w Updates w ki tenzel Join Server ! yet7al eserver ;D
  5. SCG RPG | V1.4.1 So, my first question for you guys, will be " Have you ever heard something about SCG|RPG? " No? So, let me explain for you, what we like to do, usually, we play in our fantastic server, what contains: Jobs, Login/Register System, Bank System, Cruise Control and Speed System, House system, Phone, etc.. Join us and enjoy playing with us... The Most Wonderful thing in our server that no other server have is SCG Server Launcher! Name: SCG Launcher Released: Today [12/08/2013] Time: Trashed For First Release: 5 minutes Othor: Castiel v1.0.2 Download v1.2.2 Downl
  6. Hey Guys, From the first day in MTA, every time I get in a vehicle (Car,Bike,Helicopter, Boat...) My MTA freeze for 10-5 secs. some times, it doesn't freeze, it even freeze in my Local Chat when my ping is 0 I'm asking from MTA Team to give me a solution, because i know other player have this problem, Thank u for reading !
  7. hamma-b


    Hello all ! I'm searching for a trial hosting for 1 month or more ! If u know some Company can give me a trial host for free. Please reply with a link that help me and thank u for ur time
  8. hamma-b

    Server Trouble

    Hello there ! Ports 22126 ; 22003 ; 22005 are open and when i open MTA Server the server start working and players join and Play Normal But when i close MTA Server ! The server don't work ! That mean : I need to Open MTA Server all time ? Even I'm sleeping ?? Help Please !
  9. hamma-b

    Help in Port Forwad

    Hi there ! in those days I'm trying hard to open ports in my router Today i download TeamVirwer Pro players can open ports and know how ! But i don't Can any one help me with TeamViwer ? Want help me ? Invite me in Skype ! mohamed.bouzazi9 And thank you for you time
  10. hamma-b


    Yo I have tryed qvery think: PortForwading.com / Canyousseme.org .... avery think And i swear no one can open the ports in my PC with team Viewr EVEN mta builder because is possible Any oe want to try ????
  11. hamma-b


    HELP,Who can Open to me the ports in my router with TEAMVIEWR ? NeeD HelP pls Who want help me JUST HE PM.ME
  12. No Help :( :( TEAMVIEWR pls pls pls pls any one help i crying
  13. Guys i really need help when i make a server and open him i dont find him in SERVER BROWSER i find him just in local and my server ip is : mtasa:// how he will be like this : mtasa:// PLS help any one can help me in TEAM Viewr pls i really need help :(
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