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  1. Thanks man, you're helpfull.
  2. Hey guys, I'm kinda new to scripting in LUA and I need some help with a simple script I made and I get an annoying "bad argument" or something. Maybe I've done something wrong or something I don't know the MTA Script Editor is not giving any errors for me, only when I run my server it says http://puu.sh/5AeTH.png if some one would be kind and help me with my problem would be nice local argument = nil local x,y,z = 0, 0 ,0 function createFire (thePlayer, command, argument) if thePlayer == ("admin") then local x,y,z = getElementPosition (thePlayer) local argument
  3. I don't need any evidence for or against you. Altough I am not an abuser, you and rick are. You can ask Jeffrey Woods and Arthur Reinfield. They will say what I just said about you. They will say you're an huge troller, abusing your admin rights. So if you don't trust me add them on skype. And ask them about it. There is my proove, happy now? Jeffrey Woods and Arthur Reinfield are good admins, compared to them you are just an huge pile of crap.
  4. I don't even wan't to return also you don't have an "Alibi or logs" To defend yourself either, since you just showed you abusing by jailing me? That's not proove of me Dming, Thats proove of you jailing an admin without an reason. And for the last time, Anil said to me you whas not allowed to do that since you had no permission? you really make me laugh.
  5. LOL thats the dumbest some one ever said, i have clear prooves of anil talking about his booters, and now you're saying anil does not have booters? you make me laugh . . .
  6. Not really, this is you showing your self you are abusing, i need prooves of you seeing me DM that car. This is just an abused command to jail an head admin. You know if i jail you for 100 minutes with the reason, DMing and you say prooves? I will show the logs of jailing? Thats not proove mate. Come with something better.
  7. I guess i posted enough evidence about anil the ddoser? Also i whas head admin, you can't ban another head admin without permission, anil told me that? so lieing again? hmmmm. Sure you showed prooves, but not to me?? Then how you wan't to show everyone i am an abuser? Thats my point of that post, not about you??
  8. This does not approves i have booters, not at all. Also i am was not abusing my powers, you were the one that jailed an head admin, afterwards banning an head admin, you're not allowed to do that, i will not discuss this shit with you anymore. You're also the one that voids roleplay situations wich you were not allowed to do either, you voided the roleplay because it whas in need for your friend Rick Vendndaal. It doesn't matter anyway. I am banned on that server, I'm glad that i can't join it anymore. You and rick veendaal are 2 big abusing admins. Also some one wrote in my note that i am
  9. Hey all, I've been working with anil [owner of eG] for some time, and he banned me because I wen't to another server. Hi's admins are abusing. I would recommend NOT to join his server named Everlite. I will post some evidence of him talking to me on skype about his booters. Translated : Fuck off with that server, imma get them down in a couple of seconds, if my booter is up. I know it's badly translated, but thats excecly what it says. Translated : Don't you have any booters no more? Nope outdated. Guys, don't join his server. He's an unmature kid. Also he just ddosed another server
  10. Ik negeer je niet, ik heb het op het moment heel druk.
  11. Hallotjes mensen, Ik zoek een scripter die kan scripten in valhalla. Ik bereid om de scripter te betalen. Ik heb van IIYAMA een tijdje les gehad wat goed heeft geholpen alleen de laatste tijd heb ik veel gewerkt (nog steeds) en heb ik eigelijk niet veel meer van me laten horen. Als je wel kan scripted maar niet een vaste scripter wilt zijn, dan is dat ook goed. Ik ben bereid om 100 euro te betalen voor scripts (Zelf gemaakt niet ergens vandaan gepakt). Ik heb al een topic gemaakt op een andere section van dit forum maar zover nog geen reacties. Dus ik dacht laat ik het hier maar proberen. Mi
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