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  1. hazem

    Low FPS 40-35

    my Device Properties: Procssor: Intel® Core i3 CPU M 380 @ 2.53Hz RAM: 3GB (2.86 GB usable) 64 bit Adapter Type:Intel® HD Graphics
  2. السلام عليكم كان عندي صفاوة للاق كانت مميزاتها كل الآتي: 1- (المابات كانت معتمة(الإضاءة ضعيفة كانت معتمه في جميع مابات ال tictics وكان عندي تأثيرات مميزاتها: 1-عند اطلاق الرصاص ما يطلع دخان او بخار 2- عند الدرفت ما يطلع شكل التفحيط على الشارع او الإسفلت اتمنى الإفاده
  3. I had Tmicyc to fix my FPS But i lose it *The Tmicyc advantages: 1-maps without lights 2- maps was opaque * the EFFECTS advantages: There is no smoke when drive - shooting .......... Thnx
  4. hazem

    Help me pls

    hi when i join server of mta 1.4 i have auto kick like server [Gta-Ar] and have this msg click here to see the msg pls http://im79.gulfup.com/fjeHqK.bmp what can i do? pls
  5. hazem

    Low Fps Pls Help Me

    Help me pls low Fps my Ram : 3Gm processor:intel® Core i3 CBU M380 @ 2,53GHz System:64-bit Pls help me
  6. hazem

    Low Fps Plz help me

    why oh shit whhhhy not good look CBU 3.20 My PC TOSHEBA CBU 1.83 Why DEEL NOT GooD
  7. hazem

    Low Fps Plz help me

    ok, my PC DeLL InteL® Pentium® 4 CBU 3.20GHz 3.19 GHz 32-bit RAM 1 GB GooD Or Not GooD
  8. hazem

    Low Fps Plz help me

    Hi I have a new computer CPU Excellent but 1GB RAM and But I downloaded the MTA but have not operated what he has to do it is a very nice opportunity please do me help me
  9. hazem

    Low Fps Plz help me

    Hi admin plz help me my fps is low 20 30 40 plz help me I nead fps 50-52-49-51 plz help me fix my fps plz
  10. hazem

    Low Fps Plz help me

    Hi my Fps not good it is 35.45.41 inead 50 51help. Me plz
  11. hazem

    Low Fps Plz help me

    Thank you, but the first definition I do not understand what needs to be done . .now i download
  12. hazem

    Low Fps Plz help me

    Suspended've downloaded tariffs run mtadiag but did not make any difference unfortunately . . . . . . . . . http://pastebin.com/bx1p8JZY
  13. hazem

    Low Fps Plz help me

    Prefer O Esquire [[[[[[[http://pastebin.com/c9b9U3KX]]]]
  14. hazem

    Low Fps Plz help me

    Now I will run mtadiag but I am having trouble the first definition, a site called fhttp / http://www.station-drivers.com/ what this should I do it and thank you for everything I hope that it succeeds I will send you the link mtadiag
  15. hazem

    Low Fps Plz help me

    hi plz help me my FPS is Low 20 30 plz help me http://pastebin.com/7FcZdH7U
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